DarkFall: Battle Report

Yesterday I talked about a successful one on one PvP encounter in DarkFall, and sure enough today I have a story about a not-so-successful small group encounter. Following this pattern I fully expect Hammerdale will be sieged tonight and the whole server will show up.

One of our clan members spotted a (reported at the time) group of three or four enemy players 4-5 minutes north of our city, and so four of us quickly grabbed our ready bags (full bags of gear/regs/pots on the front page of your bank you quickly grab and ride out, equipping gear and getting ready as you go) and set out to engage. While on our way up north two other members of Apollo joined our group and we figured a six vs four fight would be a quick victory in our favor.

As our group got closer, our scout reported more than four enemies, four more to be exact, and instead of being on foot they were riding directly towards us on mounts, including a few Battlehorns (better mounts with 500 hitpoints rather than the usual 300). Without much pre-planning the fight started, everyone riding around trying to hit the enemy and bring their mount down. I was following one particular enemy on a drake mount, and managed to pin him between my mount and some trees/rocks. With the help of another guild mate, we both mount-kicked the guy’s mount down, but not before he was able to kill my mount as well (I had taken some shots earlier). As everyone else around us continued to circle and tried to take shots at each other, the two of us started a ground battle. He pulled out his bow, I had my greatsword out, and I reached him just as his first arrow hit my chest. Sword swing to the face, he quickly turned to run, taking a few more shots to his side/back before I pulled my bow out and started shooting arrows as he ran.

As the chaos of the fight raged around us, an enemy swung at me from his mount, knocking me off course and away from my target, who at this point was below 50% and had switched to his staff to try and heal. This break, along with the fact that mounted hits hurt, forced me to break off the chase and focus on healing myself up and regaining some stamina. Some food and a stamina pot later, I picked a spot near a tree and started shooting arrows at enemy mounts, hoping to bring a few more players down and give our guys the advantage.

While I was sniping away, I believe one enemy got separated from the main battle, and two of our guys followed him too far out to chase. This turned out to be a tactical mistake, as while they chased, the rest of us were slowly overwhelmed at the original battle site. All mounts but the two battlehorns were dead a this point, and everyone was fighting on the ground, trying to focus fire when possible and doing their best to avoid getting too low on hit points or stamina. We took one of their members down and ganked him, but as we did this one of our own went down as well, and another was in trouble. As he was being chased by one of the battlehorns, I sprinted behind shooting arrows as fast as I could. Had the mount not been a battlehorn, it would have been down even with my below average archery skill, but instead the rider was able to continue his pursuit and eventually he was out of my line of sight.

The call was given to retreat, and out of our six only two of us made it out alive. I was able to survive because chasing that battlehorn around put me on the edge of the field, and I was able to get away without a mounted pursuer seeing me. My guess is they did not search and chase us down because they must have been low on stamina or hit points, as it was certainly a close fight from the opponents I saw. More than once I would engage with someone on the ground only to have us both break off due to some interruption, neither person able to really push the other too far. Even though we lost the fight, it was not only a good time but a great learning experience for us going forward. We also sadly did not have our top PvP guys involved in the fight, or things might have gone differently.

And luckily for me, the skill increase patch is set to drop tomorrow, meaning my neglected archery skill is going to finally see some love. Hopefully the next time around I’ll bring that battlehorn down rather then coming up short, and those who expose their back while running will pay a higher price.

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  1. Sounds like fun! Makes me want to try Darkfall actually :) How stable is the game? I always got the impression that it was a bit… ropey.

    Jumping back to your post yesterday about reading about other players experiences in games, I actually quite enjoy it. If the writer is good enough, they can really create a sense of story which can be quite enjoyable. I wouldn’t be playing EVE today if it wasn’t for all of the stories and tales I’d read from other bloggers about it.

    • Adam says:

      People cry about a lot of things in Darkfall but I’ve almost never heard stability complaints.

      For me its been the most stable mmo I’ve played heavily. Way more stable than WoW, AoC or Warhammer.

      Played for 3 months and crashed to desktop once? Few disconnects. Rock solid. I’ve heard of some lag spikes lately but I think its an issue with their hosting partner.

      • syncaine says:

        Yea I’ll second that it’s very stable and solid from a tech perspective. Even in larger (100v100+) battles the server handles them well (how your client handles it is obviously based on your hardware). For PvP it performs much better than WAR when the numbers increase, and aside from the servers going down for daily maintenance, I don’t remember the last time we have had a crash.

  2. sid67 says:

    I gotta say, that was a fun read. Although I think the credit goes more to the storyteller than perhaps the game itself :)

    I can’t help but be reminded of deep sea salmon fishing. You spend the better part of 8 hours sitting in a boat, freezing your ass off waiting for a fish to bite. Then when it DOES, it’s twenty minutes of pure joy. So while some might say that 8 hours of doing nothing is bullshit, the rest of us KNOW that 20 minutes was worth it.

    • sid67 says:

      Er.. or rather, I should have wrote that the 20 minutes was worth the 8 hour wait. Or something…

      • syncaine says:

        Yea the fishing analogy is a good one, DarkFall is definitely like that, and like you said, when some action does happen, it’s far above the ‘normal’ gaming.

  3. willee says:

    if only i had time to play this game…

    I had Darkfall for a couple months and really liked it in my limited playtime. Unfortunately i’ve basically had to give up gaming due to job/family commitments etc.

    And at this rate it’ll be another 20 years after i retire before i can pick up mmorpgs again…arghhh!!!

    At least in 20 years there should be some pretty good games to choose from ;)

  4. theJexster says:

    DF is the first game in a long time that I get completely over my head lost in the middle of combat. But it’s a great and exciting feeling, when it’s not frustrating heh.

    • Xyloxan says:

      That’s a great compliment for the game. Although I played WoW for some years I never felt that way. Not as a noob and not when progressing in Naxx in a PUG or with guildies.

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