A look behind the MMO dev curtain

I don’t much to add to this post by Brian (Psychochild) Green other than to say it was a great read for someone who is heavily invested in the MMO and game dev space, even if its from the outside looking in. The connection to “Superstar” by Cyprus Hill is indeed a good one (plus its a good song), as I think many times MMO fans expect miracles to happen, even when that ‘miracle’ is considered an obvious change in the minds of the fans. If reading the forums as a player can make you depressed, I can’t image what it could do to someone actually invested and working on a game. Again, the post is a great read, so go check it out.

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  1. bonedead says:

    Three developers in a studio forced to work together on a game. This is when shit gets real. You think you know, but you have no idea. Real World: Developer Edition.

    • SynCaine says:

      I’d watch it.

      Doubt it would be as entertaining as the Jersey Shore (but then, can anything even be as entertaining as that?), but I’d still watch it.

  2. Tipa says:

    I clicked on the link to Psychochild’s blog in Google Reader and got sent to a Viagra spam ad. I come to your blog directly and the link works fine.


    • SynCaine says:

      I think that’s a new feature Brian has added to his site. I told him that ‘get rich quick’ scheme was going to backfire though…

      (odd indeed, anyone else get this issue?)

    • Er, could someone who had this happen paste the URL they followed and where they landed? In Google Reader the link shows up just fine, and I certainly didn’t intend there to be Viagra spam…. It’s not happening to me so I can’t isolate the problem if it is on my end.

    • Tholal says:

      Same thing happened to me. When I clicked the link from within Google Reader, I get sent to the spam page. When I click the link here, it works as expected.

      Don’t think it’s your blog, as the URL link is the same. But for some reason, Psychchild’s blog is sometimes forwarding the http request inappropriately.

  3. Tholal says:

    I clicked the link from Google Reader 3 or 4 times and it forwarded me every time. I’ve since marked this article as read, so it no longer appears in my Reader for any further testing.

    • If you go to the top of a subscription and click “all items” next to “N new items” and you can see old articles.

      Seems like the problem was intermittent. I never had the problem happen. Someone else only had it happen the first time they followed the link. I went through and cleared out some suspicious stuff, so hopefully the problem was solved.

      Thanks for the help, Tholal. Drop me a line if you do test it again, or reply to here.

      And thanks for letting me get info, Syncaine.

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