Another epic naval battle (video)

Why did this have to happen on Monday, the night I don’t play. Damnit.

Video really picks up at around the 4 minute mark. The on-deck ship fighting was amazing, ValRoth is a beast. Hopefully in an upcoming Sea Fortress battle some of the bigger ships will be brought up.


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  1. Diametrix says:

    I’ll have to watch the video after work (Youtube blocked). But reading the thread in DF forums ( I expect the action was as epic as many describe it.

    I remember one post from VAMP stating that their style of PVP (multiple small but very efficient teams) is a big force multiplier. Syncaine, your reply in the previous post confirms that.

    When I was in a clan on EU, we broke the group up into squads that worked together and fought together. It helped alot for battle cohesion.

    I wonder if the squad system (or something similar) is what VAMP uses to amplify their combat efficiency?

    What is the optimal number of team members operating togther in combat? Does each team focus fire on a given target?

    I’m really just starting out in DF despite having been around awhile (still under 250hp). I was noticing last night during some PVE ops that a team of 4 feels inefficient when everyone is trying to melee one mob. We kept hitting the other guys too much. I think it would be worse in PVP with the more chaotic motion.

    Thanks for the feedback

    • SynCaine says:

      I think the best number is 10, just because that is the group limit. Seeing that group icon and being able to watch location/health is huge. VAMP on average rolls around with 15ish though, and that works well. I believe NEM has around 20 on anything ‘worthwhile’. I expect attendance to be crazy-high tonight though, we will see.

      On EU I was in a few alliances, and by far the best way is small groups vs a zerg force. Between friendly fire, lack of support, and inability to focus fire, a zerg is very ineffective compared to a smaller force working together, especially now that combat is not all AoE magic.

      I mean sure, if the zerg is 200+ vs your 20, it’s going to be a tough fight, but I’ll take 40 VAMP/NEM vs 200 randoms any day. (Not including myself in that, since I’m weaksauce).

      • bonedead says:

        Yeah that’s one of the things holding me back, being weaksauce. I’m sure I could get decent maybe even pretty good, but I’d have to get passed the rough part without turning myself into a craftfag.

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