Tobold’s name won’t be in this title, but Syp’s is!

While comically a few are taking recent event a little too seriously, at least some see the entertainment in it all. I wish Syp and Tipa well in their Friday Blog War, and will be accepting their royalty payments shortly. If you too would like to get into the ‘serious business’ of blog wars, please send a check or money order to the address below, and include a convenient time for a personal consultation on how best to get a rise out of someone. The Internet: because deep down you really do care.

Moving on (temporarily at least), in news only my ‘tiny little niche’ cares about (I did say temporarily), Paragus Rants has another quality piece up about DarkFall, this time talking a bit about his progress over the last 10 weeks and also getting some feedback from some power-players about the new siege system. Head on over and take a look, and if you have an MMORPG account, be sure to give the man a bump.

I’m a bit torn on the whole “how fast should you progress” issue in DarkFall, especially in regards to stat gain (I think skill gain is perfectly paced atm). On the one hand you have the whole “time until you can compete” issue, and on the other you have “I’m maxed out, now what?” lurking (something that most will deny is an issue until it hits them, and they slowly begin to log in less and less).

DarkFall also muddies the water here because of how much player-skill factors into the outcome of a fight. Certainly having 250hp vs 350hp is a noticeable difference, but if you are getting hit five times for every one hit you land, even with 350hp you are going to lose. The same does not really apply in a tab-target system, where short of facing the wrong way, your hits are going to land if the math behind your character adds up. Definitely an interesting topic though, one I might go into a bit more using my own character as a baseline in the future.

Finally, an update on my momentous return to carebear land: Aria and I will be skipping Guild Wars and instead trying out Allods Online once the open beta is out. Part of the reason is because I know as soon as I buy two copies of GW, Steam will have the whole collection on sale for $5 the next day. The other reason is if I’m going to return to frolic in fairyland, I might as well do it for free, in something totally new, and with a clear ‘you might be gay if…’ race like the furbies (or whatever they are called).

Being serious for a moment though, Allods does look good for a themepark MMO, and should provide some casual entertainment for the two of us. Now I just have to figure out what an “open beta” is for a F2P MMO that has already launched in a different territory…

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12 Responses to Tobold’s name won’t be in this title, but Syp’s is!

  1. Bhagpuss says:

    You do know Allods has a lot of PvP and even though it’s possible to opt out of it the game heavily pushes you not to, right? And the end-game, in the unlikely event you stick it out and get that far is open PvP you can’t opt out of?

    That didn’t color your choice a tiny bit, maybe?

    Play Empire side and you will be entirely immune from cuteness, too, unless you think buddying up with a three-foot high nonagenarian Eli Wallach lookalike smoking a cheroot counts as cute…

    • SynCaine says:

      I know it has some PvP, but when I already play DF, Allods PvP is not a huge draw for me. Aria is also not a huge PvP fan (although she did enjoy WAR), so I doubt we will be doing much in Allods. You never know though, but it really had no influence in the decision (if anything it was a negative due to Aria’s preferences).

  2. Herb O says:

    Good call on that man, was thinking of playing that as my side mmo, when im not partnering with a co worked in wow.

    It seemed pretty solid, very dependant on how you stat up though

  3. KevinJC says:

    Wow cool! I’m glad you guys are going to give it a try. I’ve had fun in closed beta, but I didn’t want to spoil too much of the content so I didn’t get high enough to PvP. But I’m looking forward to that.


    • SynCaine says:

      Oh yea I forgot about all you carebears. Is CoW doing an Allods chapter? We need to get our scrub crew back together (Master, Allerion, Obmar, you, emoragequitorc, etc)

      • Remastered says:

        You having trouble tanking already? I should have known.

        • SynCaine says:

          Think of it this way, a whole new game for me to teach you how to play. You two fruitloops in, since you could not take the skirt off to play DF?

  4. Irenor says:

    Allods, meh….meh.

    Instead, try Mabinogi. It’s the MMO I play when I’m not playing DarkFall. It’s a Free To Play sandbox MMORPG (and yes, I did say Sandbox, well…it is sandbox to some extent). Unique Gameplay (and that is 100% true),and a good storyline. It also encourage grouping to some extent.

    Sad part is that graphic turned-off many potential players even though the graphics are not bad.

    Tarlach server is the most stable economy-wise.

  5. bonedead says:

    I wanna be a little puppy dog warrior a bit, I’ll admit it.

  6. Anne says:

    The beginning of Allods is horrible, so I personally find it hard to get into. I’m guessing sticking it out brings more, but I have a low attention span.

  7. pitrelli says:

    SynCaine playing Allods?!!! you gotta be kiddin me?! After I voted for team SynCaine?! Bah I feel cheated.

    By rights you should be forced to roll gibberlings.

    Cant wait to see your thoughts on it though.

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