Battlefield: Bad Company 2, and DarkFall is an A-

Some Monday quick notes to wrap up the day.

First, MMORPG writer Frank Inktomi has a review of DarkFall up, and robs the game with an A- score. Damn haters just keep hating! I kid I kid; it’s a solid read that sheds some light into both the tech issues and general ‘approach to DF’ mentality. Hopefully Frank does a month+ or so re-review once he gets deeper into areas like PvP and clan life.

I purchased Battlefield: Bad Company 2 over the weekend, as it’s the FPS side-dish to DarkFall for Inquisition. Its very pretty maxed out, runs well on my hardware, and overall is enjoyable. I’m not a huge FPS fan, generally going back to the genre every few years. The plus side of this approach is that whatever ‘standard’ innovations have been added to games since my last one, now ALL feel new in BC2. In other words, I don’t know what is a BC2-exclusive feature vs what is just a now accepted standard in the FPS genre since I last played Fear 1.

The single player campaign has so far been interesting with some nice set piece battles. I’m about 4 hours into it and will definitely see it all the way through. The multiplayer is having some technical issues right now with EA’s servers, but when we are able to get a game going it’s been good fun. I’m terrible at it, like 2 kills 10 deaths per round terrible, but I run around like a dummy blowing the terrain up and occasionally getting the jump on someone. Bullets to the back are my only real method of dealing death, but I’ll take it. It’s funny how I can be hyper-competitive in DarkFall and at the same time totally not care in BC2. It’s actually nice that way.

All that said, I’m an MMO junky at heart, so every time I close down BC2 I instantly think “could have been making progress in DarkFall”. Sick, I know.

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  1. Maggnus says:

    “”I’m an MMO junky at heart, so every time I close down BC2 I instantly think “could have been making progress in DarkFall”. Sick, I know.””

    I’m the same way…last nights BC2 was fun, but I could have pushed my weapon mastery a few points instead and have something to show for it today. :)

    • SynCaine says:

      Or you could log in and do some enchanting, not like that bag with three r50s have been sitting there for a week waiting for some keens. Failure.

      You missed those nice fights with RIP and BT too, damn good times. Plus Crow and I recalled to my house on Ruby and had a nice 4v2.1 (naked EB guy) fight vs Macabre. Insta-killed one before emorage SG got me. Not sure if Crow made it out alive, he was running when I had to log for the night.

      • Paragus says:

        I went to Apuatan solo yesterday, murdered 2 people, and within 2 minutes had about 8 people converging on my position. Ended up doing a swan dive into the volcano over there to evade capture lol. Apparently one of the guys chasing me was someone from our guild on EU.

        Been feeling like crap all week so trying to take it easy. I look on the forums last night before going to bed early to find out the goons are in our alliance now.

  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s weird how that works, isn’t it?

    I keep remembering that my subscription’s about to run out for Darkfall and I should make the most of it, but then I play Bad Company 2 anyway.

  3. sid67 says:

    It’s a good review. I’d say I agree with pretty much every point, including the negative opinion regarding the lack of central HUB to buy/sell things.

    • Ivoldir says:

      Quite frankly, I’d prefer seeing a Player-made Hub. As in, a clan that become the market place. Setting the prices, etc. Basically a neutral clan.

      Would love to see that in DarkFall.

      • SynCaine says:

        It was tried on EU by the Stone Masons clan. I think it worked out decently well, but then faded.

        It would be interesting to have a NPC zap-tower protected neutral city in the middle of the map. Anyone who is blue from any race can enter, and war status between clans does not matter. Everyone is blue to everyone, and you have a solid place to trade. PvP can still happen around the city, but not inside.

        • Ivoldir says:

          I’d rather have a Clan City acting as a Market instead. Pretty sure players would just exploit the Neutral City with Zap Tower or just mess around “for shits and giggles”. At least in a player-controled city, there is a bit more order (in my opinion).

    • Adam says:

      It’s actually much more interesting to have to get yourself to a common location to make the trade and then physically hand each other the goods.

      A central auction house would be pretty dry and dull imo.

      • sid67 says:

        It’s funny that he brought this up because I was tempted to write a blog entry about it.

        Still might.

        Anyways.. I think there are three separate issues. The first is the one you are alluding to.. travel and logistics.

        This is something EVE has and it’s important. In order for something to get from A to B, someone needs to carry it there. It can’t be “mailed” to a location.

        I think that’s an intrinsic quality of Darkfall and the “travel” thing is important.

        The second issue is safety. Should you be able to trade without fear of getting robbed?

        The third issue is EASE of trade. The advantage an Auction House or Marketplace provides is the ability to link buyers and sellers. It’s a usability issue. Have Ore to sell? List it instead of spamming Trade.

        Now interestingly, EVE has all three of these things. You can use an AH, have to travel, and you can get robbed while traveling.

        My thought is that Darkfall could implement a something similar in the Cities. Players travel to Marketplace where they ‘drop off’ items inventory.

        It’s listed in a common UI that allows people to see all the items listed in the different Cities.

        But if you “buy” it, you need to travel to that City and pick it up. Buy something where you can’t go or in a hostile city? That’s your problem.

        For added complexity, you could list things that were only available to specific Clans. That way, I could harvest stuff that I would be willing to sell at a discount to the Clan but I didn’t want to give away for free.

        In any event, as long as you had to go “pick it up” then I think that keeps some of the flavor and still makes it easy to trade.

  4. Inktomi says:

    Thanks for the mention Syncaine. I have to admit, my heart dropped when I saw the title. I thought I was going to me labeled something fan this or hater that. I laughed after I read it.

    But I do call it as I see and what I try to do apart from other reviewers (Eurogamer 2.0) is compartmentalize the categories. Making them accountable as a whole. So if a game scores a C (Regnum) and someone complains I can say “Well, this is why.”

    But DF has a deep immersive quality to it, I had an easy time putting 24+ hours in. Some games I look at the clock and roll my eyes, “Whoa, only 4 hours to go!”

    I bought the client and will try to progress through the game while keeping a hectic schedule, being a Po’ college student and all.

    I do like the idea of a player run hub as Ivoldir mentioned. Your experience from the EU server tells me that there was no way for the clan running it to be “paid” for it. If there was a way that the said clan was running the “trade hub”, such as a tax they would collect on each trade. You would see hubs like that pop up all over. It would make them a lucrative activity and actually worth their time.

    Another thing for Aventurine to consider.
    Play safe,

    • Ivoldir says:

      I personally wasn’t thinking about the “tax” part. I think this might be more of a turn-off for players to participate in this whole market.

      But as a neutral clan, fulfilling crafting jobs for all clans, allowing clans to visit and exchange either informations or simply items, etc would be awesome. If done well, it would work out really well in DarkFall.

      (There’s also the chance that this would create more PvP by reducing the “down time” a clan has to suffer between each fights. As in, farm all the materials for his next set of armor and weapon/reagents for an upcoming siege).

      • Ivoldir says:

        Also, by allowing other clans to use your facilities (Workbench, Blacksmith, etc), it generates gold. In the long run, you still gain money (100 gold) and other players do not have to pay for anything so Win-Win.

        • Inktomi says:

          I remember reading some complaints in chat about people getting ganked while crafting and losing all mats. I feel it might turn some people off, but the higher end serious crafters might pay for this service.

          And they are paying for the service of “safety”, which in Agon seems to be a premium. I do like your idea, it would work out by reducing downtime and raising money for more seiges.

          I think we are onto something. Do you think Aventurine would go for it?

        • Ivoldir says:

          Not sure if Aventurine would actually go for it but the community probably would, which is what is required to make this work.

          As for the part of safety, given DarkFall system, the only “Safety” there would be in this city is if all clans agreed to remain neutral in the city. As for those not following the “rules”, they would get killed by the Market Clan’s members (preferably). Hard to pull off at first and takes a little time to get used to for the players but I’m sure it would work.

  5. Quietside says:

    I don’t see why aventurine is actually necessary to what you’re proposing Ivoldir. A clan dedicated to crafting/trading could function pretty readily, and even bypass many of the dangers involved in large trades in DF (just send $5 and I’ll teach you my patented method). I do think that one, or more, clans acting as Merchant Houses, or Trade Guilds, would add something to the game. And it can be done using the current mechanics, a good role for a small, dedicated group. Of course, if said clan had a holding, they would need players willing to guard the city against raids and whatnot, but if business is good they could pay them.

    Additionally, the clan(s) that hold the crafting hub could charge for their services, in a way. By buying and trading for resources in newbland, then making them available (at a reasonable profit) in the hub. All you need is someone of Captain rank or higher, that is trustworthy to handle transactions within the city. And the guards, got to have some guards.

    As for listing items. It sounds as though there will be clan vendors brought in this year, which solves the ‘drop it off, collect money later issue’ and using the trade forum, or website designed for the purpose would allow you to track inventories and prices.

    Still lots of risk, and adventure, but also less painful than the current trade channel.

    • Ivoldir says:

      I think there should be a fee depending on the job. I don’t believe a “tax” would encourage players to come into your market city and trade. Players could pay a fee for Craft Contracts though, which is where the clan would make most of it’s money. For exemple, Clan “x” wants 100 sets of Armor and 200 Greatswords, if they provide the ressources it would cost 3k, if the crafter clan has the provide the materials well obviously it would cost the appropriate price (based on material price)

      Could also act as a middle man for players wanting to buy/sell placed houses (for a small fee), etc.

      As I said, I don’t think Aventurine needs to help on this. The real problem is to get players to agree to this idea and I think it should be possible.

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