Dragons, scarabs, and how to get the most out of DF PvE

Two DarkFall PvE comments for today, the first about the Fire Dragon and the second about solo vs group farming.

Blood, living out of Ghana, has easy access to the Ruby Fire Dragon and downs him often. So often in fact, that we have affectionately named him Player Auctions, in part as a tribute to our large ForumFall fanbase. Blood is able to down PA so often because instead of clan-whoring all of his loot, the leadership has set up a simple but effective system to reward people for participating, and the whole gather/kill/loot process is done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The loot system is MMO 101 loot distribution: a leader picks a number between 1-100, everyone involved picks a number and enters it into chat at the same time, and loot is distributed based on the order of who is closest to the picked number. Prizes include crafted rank 60 and 50 weapons, as well as the items from the chest being distributed. The actual gold (which can get as high as 100k or so) goes to the clan.

PA takes a good 10+ people to down him in a reasonable (15min?) amount of time, so getting people motivated and excited to participate is key to farming such a huge source of clan income. In addition to the loot distribution system, Blood also provides crafted elemental bows, in part to help lower the cost of downing him, but also because an ice transmute bow speeds the whole process up immensely. It sounds simple, yet surprisingly few clans take these steps to not only provide entertainment for their members, but help themselves out as well.

On a related “good to farm” note, last night a buddy and I went out to farm some Tomb Scarabs that also spawn right outside of Ghana, and we were both blown away at how profitable the spawn can be if done correctly. For starters, Tomb Scarabs are somewhat unique in that they are practically immune to both magic and arrows, meaning they must be melee’ed down, but since they have 1000hp and hit deceptively hard, it would take a single character a few attempts just to down one, and that process might be dicey due to the nasty DoT they have a tendency to place on you.

If you bring two players however, one ready to melee in heavy armor and a decent weapon and the other ready to buff and heal, the Tomb Scarabs go down nice and easy, and at 300-1000 gold a pop, a spawn of three, and a quick respawn timer, the gold quickly adds up. Just last night we made a total of 10k in less than an hour just in gold alone, along with a sizable amount of gems, skinning materials, and black powder to go along with it. As a nice side bonus, since the Tomb Scarabs don’t have a ranged attack and stay in melee range once engaged, you don’t end up spending a lot of time chasing them down or getting into unfavorable situations. This is important for two reasons: one being that you are able to watch out for enemies much easier, and the other bonus being that you are able to take breaks and actually socialize while farming, making the whole thing far more enjoyable.

Our initial reaction as the gold was piling up was that Tomb Scrabs are a bit overpowered in terms of effort/gain, but on second thought they might not be. When you factor in how difficult they are to solo, that they only really drop gold and a few semi-useful enchanting mats, and that in order to down them effectively you have to not only bring out decent gear but also work well as a duo, the effort/gain ratio seems fine.

If anything, these two examples are exactly the PvE variety DF offers at times if you stop for a moment and analyze a spawn. Mobs that reward a well planned, well executed strategy by a set number of players. A third person at the scarabs would have been overkill, just like bringing 20+ to the Fire Dragon means a lower chance for loot at only a marginal increase in kill time, and since the dragon is on a long, long respawn timer, you really don’t gain much from the extra manpower. There should be optimal solo mobs (there are some), optimal duo spawns, and optimal larger group stuff. Combined with bringing the right gear, using the right utilities (buffs, debuffs), and having the player skill to pull it off (certainly not the high level you need for PvP, but not the faceroll that is typical MMO PvE), it all makes for a much more enjoyable and rewarding PvE experience, which then makes losing that gear in PvP a lot more bearable.

(DarkFall-related post disclaimer/reminder. If you click the image link near the top-right of this page and buy a DarkFall account, I get paid 20% of the client cost. If you believe this taints my views and reporting on DarkFall, your opinion is wrong.)

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17 Responses to Dragons, scarabs, and how to get the most out of DF PvE

  1. Hudson says:

    So…basically you have a raid now in DF with mobs that respawn quickly and can be camped by Asians….great

    • SynCaine says:

      Raid, of course not… wait… well at the current rate of ‘raid’ progression as set by WoW, yea I guess a two man team is a raid now. Still epic though.

      Oh, and we can kill our Asians, they drop great loot too.

    • Incredulous says:

      In fairness, the fire dragons have a 24 hour respawn timer.

  2. Incredulous says:

    Player auctions, lol.

    Love your writing, but your propoganda for the clans you join/alliances you are a part of is just sick.

    Sethdrone BUYS gold. How the hell were they able to drop so many sieges, and hire so many mercs at xfers?

    How were they able to pay your former alliance 500k gold up front to take Kvit for them? This was like 2 weeks after server up. After they paid that, they kept hiring mercs for wweeks before and after that, despite never, never having more than 10 people online.

    Did they make you a captain or something for the good press?

    Sethdrone and Little are great people, but call it like it is. They buy gold, period.

    And you are a shill.

    • SynCaine says:

      Not saying they do or don’t (I honestly don’t know), but at what point in my post do I mention actually buying gold? I simply stated what we call the dragon.

      As for current funds, seeing how they run things, I can easily see how they afford paying what BkS charge (which is not as much as people think) just on the income they have from selling gear to members and stuff like the dragon. 60-100k a day off one mob, each day, adds up fast.

      But again, the post is not about defending Blood, and that you come away from reading it thinking about that kinda says more about you than the post itself :)

      • Incredulous says:

        its hard to defend you, you alliance jump to the strongest alliances.

        TheMercs, Vamp, TCA.

        I know very well how much mercs are.

        You tend to jump on a bandwagon of the current alliance dujour, and pimp them up to no end.

        Just look way back at your posts when you joined up with VAMP to understand what I am talking about.

        • SynCaine says:

          You are confusing me and Inq. I’ve been a member of Inq since EU launch, with a brief stay in Apollo on NA launch until they disbanded and folded into VAMP. Inq did not start up on NA until after Apollo was already in VAMP, and Inq ended up in VAMP due to our past contacts on EU.

          This is the first time in DF that I’ve made the decision to leave Inq and play with another clan, and the decision was between Blood and RIP. The initial 3 Inq guys ended up going with Blood after talking to RIP mostly because their members seem closer in age to them than RIP, and our three simply followed once we heard positive things about Blood.

          So other than Inq originally, I’ve actually never personally made a solo decision on which clan to join.

          As for my posts about VAMP initially, not only was the alliance itself much different back then, but it was a huge improvement over the relative in-activity of Apollo. Very similar situation with this move actually.

          But like the PA thing above, you seem to be trying really hard to get more out of a blog post than is actually there. I’m guessing Blood cost you some pixels?

        • Paragus says:

          Trying to trash Syncaine for what alliance he has been in is a laughable attempt at trolling. As the leader of Inquisition, it is my decisions that have ultimately led to where and who we live and fight with.

          The rationale behind why I have placed my guild in the various alliances I have since launch is not simple. There are a lot of way to play Darkfall, and different alliances chose to play the game differently. As a guild leader, it is my job to figure out the way my guild prefers to play the game and find the alliance that best fits our goals and what we want from the game.

          While you trash Syncaine and INQ for choosing our political alliances well, your selective memory seems to have omitted the months we spent in dead end and failing alliances on EU in the Tribelands. We had our fair share of failed alliances back in the day, so I have gone through great steps to build relationships to allow my members to be positioned in places where they get to experience the most Darkfall has to offer.

          Syncaine along with the more active INQ members have joined up with Blood because the rest of our guild is in a lull waiting to see AV’s next move in terms of the expansion coming. As long as my members are being treated with some respect and dignity by the folks over in Blood, then I see no problem. While I am still allied with VAMP, there is a case to be made that their treatment of some of my members (Syncaine included) has been less than respectful in the past. It’s always easy to throw rocks from the distance when you are ignorant to the details.

        • Incredulous says:

          The point stands whether or not its you or syncaince.

          Inquisitin, with syncaine in it, joins the strongest alliance of the day, and also with the most baggage.

          Syncaine sings that alliances praises on his blog and ignores any blemishes.

          Then, after a while, Syncaine/InQ switch alliances to the current strongest one, then Syncaine praises that alliance as the best blah blah blah, until he throws them under the bus for the next alliance.

          I give it 3 months before Syncaine is saying TCA is bad for this or that, then joins the then current strongest alliance.

          Your record speaks for itself. You both align yourselves/guild to the strongest alliance at the time.

  3. bonedead says:

    Your moms a tomb scrab

  4. Mala says:

    While I am sympathetic to what you are saying saying “2 people can farm scarabs together for a tidy profit” is not going to impress a lot of people in terms of PvE content these days. The dragon should get a more positive response though.

  5. coppertopper says:

    I like the play by play style of bloging. Ardwulf is the king of this. Screensbots would be helpful.

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