Love and Rage

One thing that I love about League of Legends is how rage-inducing it can get. It’s more or less a nightly occurrence on vent that one or more individuals will reach the breaking point after some horrible loss, and a busy night of playing LoL means vent is full of random rage outbursts. Paragus, fearless Inq co-GM and wise poet, leads by example most night, as in his own words “my rage bucket, which sits next to my desk, is usually full of rage vomit by the end of the night”. Some rage out internally (leaving vent right after a game without a word), some dwell on a horrible game well into the next one, and some keep a running nightly count of awful, recounting the total for anyone who hops on. It truly is wonderful.

Aria would chime in now and tell you all that I’m an emotional void and that’s why I enjoy LoL so much, and while I’ve long since come to terms that I will never be the bright smiling rainbow in any room (which is why the Emumu skin that I play often is all the more hilarious to me), I do have my moments of rage as well, though they are few and generally controlled. One could easily argue I should rage more and actually learn from it, since, and I quote Aria, I “give up first blood in every single game”.

And how does Aria handle LoL rage?

Most people will tell you that if you can survive building a house together, it means the relationship is solid. They will say the same for planning a wedding, as those are generally viewed as the two big ‘events’ in your life that can cause a lot of stress and disagreement. We have done both, and both went very smoothly. I was big into making the decisions for the house, Aria was big into wedding decisions, but we never had one of those ‘make or break’ moments, or something that we simply could not agree upon.

To those people: If you can play a night of LoL together and not perma-rage on one another after a sting of terrible games, then that’s when you really know the relationship is meant to last. Aria and I are still undecided on that one (kidding, I think), as last night she had yet another epic rage night until the final game (where admittedly she dominated and ended the night on a happy note).

It’s amazing how that works though, how you can feel like absolute crap (relatively of course, it is just a game) after one match, and then be king of the world the next. Good game balance, solid matchmaking, quality game execution, all of that combines with the raw emotion of playing with and against others; that’s why we game, right?

Now excuse me, I have a few rage buckets to dump and prepare for tonight.

Bonus Chuck: Chuck Norris once played a game of Duck Duck Goose with a group of kindergarteners. Only one kid made it to first grade.

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14 Responses to Love and Rage

  1. Paragus says:

    My bucket runneth over, but that’s what the solo queue does to people. As a form of therapy I enjoy reading forum threads about other people caught in fail spirals have their souls torn out by having window-lickers as team mates.

    Some of the highlights of my night usually include some of the following…

    1) Watching my team mate with 10% life try to attack 2 enemies who both have stuns.

    2) Watching my team mate with 10% life tower dive into a group of 3 enemies with stuns and snares.

    3) Watching my team mate build the exact opposite items they should (DPS Soraka lol?)

    4) Watch a team mate lecture the rest of the team about how we suck when he is 0-8

    And we aren’t even counting certain people in vent who shall not be named that are as popular as AIDS when it comes to having them on your team.

  2. TariqOne says:

    Ha! I’m a religious reader, but I don’t often find a basis to make common cause with you. So here’s a sympathetic glass raised to you today.

    My ruthless PvP-killer girlfriend (an exceptionally sweet and attractive person in every other respect) is forever in a state of nerdrage at my ham-fistedness in competitive games. While I consider myself more “the explorer type,” she puts it in slightly different terms: “obliging victim.”

    For this reason I greatly prefer co-op games to online competitive multiplayer games. God forbid I ever play LoL or other DotA-like with her.

  3. Maggnus says:

    Amumu = :)

    Mid Kat = :(

  4. Anonymous says:

    Do you still play Amumu?

    I picked up Soraka, we should do some games.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The game tries to keep you at a 50%-50% win/lose ratio, that’s part of the reason you get streaks of bad luck, then start kicking shit in.

    I am not a big fan of the matchmaking.

  6. Aria says:

    I feel I am being unjustly characterized here……I get angry because you suck at explaining things….you often forget that while you have spent the majority of your life playing similar games, I am a “normal,” non gaming person who is relatively new to this.

    plus, you should be dying in order to save me any ways

    I continue blame the Italian + Greek heritage…we’re a passionate bunch.

    • Paragus says:

      Hey, I come from 100% Italian heritage, so I am sure that no doubt plays a role in my LoL rage vomit sessions.

      Press that talk button in vent and everyone will be more than happy to lend a hand ;)

  7. Talinine says:

    Man, I don’t know that I’ve gone raging on any game OTHER than LoL. Losing in DAoC was a slow burn; getting jacked by the ATitD community was like a fire at a tire dump.

    But the mood swing in LoL is freakin’ epic. Three losses in a row, and I’m bemoaning not being able to surrender in the first five minutes. Then I have a game like last night, where I go 10 and 1 on Tristana with maybe one tower loss, and I’m on Cloud Nine.

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