Darkfall, Blood Bowl, and UO vs WoW (sorta)

Blood Bowl League Update: So it turns out if you set your league to 16 teams, you have to have 16 teams before you can start it, who knew? And since we only had 14 teams sign up, well, we had issues. So the original league was been deleted, and a new one (same stuff, just 14 teams) has been created. Hopefully everyone signs up by tonight and we can get started.

You would think, given all the guides about everything else in Blood Bowl, that there would be a guide for running a league, but so far my Google skills have not found anything. If someone has a link, it would be appreciated.

In other Blood Bowl news, my matchmaking league Human team is turning into a monster. A lvl 4 thrower with +1agi, a lvl 4 Blitzer with +1str, another with +1AV, and a Blitzer and Linemen who rolled doubles and picked up dodge, plus a level 4 catch all make for a very potent team. Last night’s game against a High Elf team was a massacre, with four of his players getting injured (including a fatality), another three getting KO’ed, and my team scoring two unanswered touchdowns (should have been three, but I got greedy on turn 8 and tried a pass to a lineman that the fool dropped in the endzone). I believe the team sits at 8w-4d-2l right now, 400th or so in the league with a TV of 1600ish. Just a bit better than my 2-0-7 Necro failure team, eh?

Random stuff time.

First, I’m excited for the racial battle royal player run event in Darkfall tonight. Should be a blast, and I’m sure there will be some great videos made, especially if Ripper X is around. That guy is a pro.

Speaking of Darkfall, Massively writer Jef Reahard is signing up soon, thanks to a crushing vote victory. Looking forward to his takes on the game, especially since so much has changed of late from a new characters perspective. Hopefully the joke ‘crafter/solo’ voting will fail.

My recommendation to him would be to join NEW for the first month, as they are not only helpful, but it would make for good reporting, and then after that first month join a siege-heavy clan to see that aspect of the game as well. After a month, assuming decent playtime (15-20hrs a week or more), his character should be more than decent enough to attend a siege and not get horribly overwhelmed, specially if he focuses hard on one combat skill (my suggestion would be archery, since it’s cheap and easy to skill up, and helps in a fight if you have decent aim).

Finally, Gamasutra did an interview with two early UO devs, talking at length about the differences between UO and WoW. How topical. I actually found the interview to be a little weak overall, in that I almost get the feeling the guys failed to see what really made UO so great early on (which of course might be true, since they may or may not be responsible for adding Trammel and other ‘advancements’ to the game), and what strength UO (and games like it) have over WoW. The differences between a class or skill-based system are almost meaningless without the other features that go into separating a game like UO from others, not the least of which are instances and player freedom. Worth a read if you have the time though.

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  1. Riftstalker says:

    Going to Gamasutra to check out the article about UO. Frankly, UO has such a special place in my memory that WoW cannot move it from the number 1 position.

    WoW is better looking, UO has a great personality ;)

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