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Thanks to Comcast being… well Comcast, online gaming for the last week has been sporadic and rage-inducing. I mean nothing says “I’m having fun now” like lagging in League of Legends, where for some insane reason you can still see everything happening in real time, but the game won’t process your commands. The result? Watching for 5-10 seconds as your champion just stands there, slowly dying from creeps or when the opponents realize you are no longer moving. Bonus points when this happens just before a crucial team fight. In a ranked game. Not like I needed those 100 ELO points anyway. Aria has also take part in the rage, so good times all around. (They have someone coming out tonight. Place your bets on ‘everything looks fine to me’ being the result. If I don’t blog tomorrow, it’s because I’m fleeing the country to avoid the murder charge. The internets IS srs bsns!)

Luckily Blood Bowl still works with the ping spikes, as at worse the game will try to reconnect for a second or two before continuing on. Our private league is going strong, and I think we have finally gotten into a good grove with people playing their matches and communicating on the forums. After our first-week growing pains, it’s looking like we have a quality league here. Hopefully later this week I can do a formal week three games write-up with highlights and such.

My matchmaking (MM) human team continues to find ways to pull a draw from the hands of victory. The latest example: In a game against Dark Elves, I KO (rather than injure) five of his players in the first half, scoring once. At the start of the second, four of his five KO’ed guys come back, and it’s looking like all the decent (but not great, no injuries) luck is gone and he is moving the ball nicely. Plus he injuries one of my guys and KO’s another. Then I kill two of his players, an assassin and a linemen, get a key knockdown on his ball carrier, and look to be in position to seal the game away.

My 5agi thrower (yup, super lucky on that) picks up the ball, and with two turns to go, attempts a 3+ throw to a linemen at midfield that, had he caught it, he could have run in for a second TD on turn 16. Instead, the one dark elf still standing, and covered by two of my players, intercepts the ball on a 6 roll. On his turn he dodges away from everyone (3-4 dodge rolls with varying tackle zone values), makes the GFI roll, and scores. Game ends 1-1. FML.

I thought I was near the end of Titan Quest, only to discover that I had simply completed Act 1 (of 3, 4 with the expansion). Act 2 takes place in Egypt, which is a fun change of pace from Greece. The whole game overall is great actually, more-of-the-same Diablo 2 action with enough differences to not make it a straight copy/paste job. Looking back, someone must have seriously dropped the ball on marketing this game, because on pure gameplay it’s a winner, and another total steal for $5.

I was hoping to write about Darkfall today, as I finally made the move and joined a new clan (oddly enough, filled with old Apollo members, small (online) world), but Comcast had other ideas. While playing LoL is annoying, and BB is very doable, DF is a straight no-go, as I get kicked from the server on a spike, and then can’t log back in for five minutes or so due to a relog timer. Hopefully the issue is resolved tonight.

Finally, as I made mention earlier, I picked up Supreme Commander 2 for $3.50 on Steam, and so far both the campaign and skirmish mode have been entertaining. It’s been a while since I lasted played an RTS (not counting my time with the disappointing StarCraft 2 beta), and while this SC2 is by no means perfect, so far it’s been good enough to entertain, and has already done enough to justify the tiny amount spent to get it.

Coming up, later in 2011 we will see the release of Witcher 2 and Dragon Age 2. Something tells me Witcher is going to be even more amazing than its original (which honestly might be one of the best RPGs of the last few years. Gritty done so right), while DA2 is going to be a shadow of its original (a game that, IMO, faded towards the end anyway). Of course, I might not have much time for either if Aventurine releases the next expansion to Darkfall at some point in Q1, but I’m not betting the house on that one.

Having too many good games to play is a wonderful problem.

Edit: Oh, and I almost forgot, I’m also waiting for the next Civ V patch to drop before getting back into that game. You know, during that 25th hour of the day that’s coming ‘soon’.

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5 Responses to Random thoughts or updates on not-so-random titles

  1. coppertopper says:

    I was going to grab SupCom2 but was told that supCom1 was soo much better so didn’t bother. Not an RTS player in general, but that was from someone whose opinion I respect, so can’t confirm or deny. But for 3.50….

  2. Torcano says:

    Am I the only one who though Dragon Age was incredibly overrated? I mean, C-grade story at best, completely cliched trash. Semi-broken combat. Non-existant “replayability”. Non-existant “open world”. Subpar graphics, especially dialogue.

    Note the last 2 are supposedly selling points of this game that are pretty much blatant lies.

    • SynCaine says:

      I liked DA:O for the first 30ish hours, but towards the end I was playing it just to see the ending. Still a game I would recommend to others, but not on the level of Witcher or older stuff like BG.

    • Dril says:

      You’re not. I couldn’t get past the first 5-10 hours or so. The animations pissed me off heartily. Being a melee 2-hander in plate was a massive no-go. You pretty much hit every nail on the head with why I didn’t like it; I still think that a book is a far better and more entertaining thing than current SPRPGs.

  3. Torcano says:

    And both Supcom 1 and 2 are pretty sweet, although actually very different.

    1 is much more micro-intensive, with extremely complex economy involving placing your tens or hundreds of structures in specific proximity to each other. This among other things adding complexity garnered quite a bit of criticism.

    So for 2 they simplified things to a great deal in respects to economy and base management, ideally to shift the focus more onto combat.

    Whether they succeeded and made a better or worse game is up for debate, but personally I enjoy both sort of equally. They play differently enough that owning both wouldn’t hurt.

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