Darkfall pro-tip: Don’t panic noob

I was farming elfwraiths with one member of Flying V recently on Yssam, trying to build up our supply of portal shards. I was heavy-armor geared, he was light, and I had brought a transmuted two-handed firesword for kicks (its decent vs undead mobs, terrible in PvP). My friend had warned me that this particular spawn is a PvP hotspot, and sure enough, towards the end of our farming run two enemy players attempted to jump us.

At first we ran for it, jumping into the water. We split, and for some reason they decided to go after my friend, who was a lot better at getting away in the water (using magic) than I was. He led them on a little chase, and eventually was returning to my location, with the two of them closing in. He noticed that only one was attempting to shoot him with archery in the water, indicating the other did not have the specialization to allow it. We made a quick decision and decided to fight it out rather than keep running, even though we had a good 2 hours of farming loot on us.

As he started the fight, I quickly closed the distance and made a b-line for the weaker of the two opponents. He did not notice me initially, and so I was able to swim right up to him and start swinging away. He panicked and initially tried to get away, but in water that’s very difficult once someone is on you, and after a few more back hits, he just turned and we exchanged blows. With his health already down, and my heavy armor, he did not last long, and soon I was done with him and turned my attention to our other assailant.

Unfortunately, while my fight went well, my friend was cut down right as I neared his location thanks to the early 2v1, and so we were left with a 1v1. My opponent was hurt, but thanks to a major mental error, I thought I did not have aqua shot myself, and instead of going underwater and exchanging shots with him, I instead pulled out my shield and parried while swimming towards him. I think he missed his disabling shot, and soon stopped firing and instead started swimming towards land. At the surface I got off a few bow shots that landed, but in my heavy armor they did minimal damage (I was using a mob-drop r50) and he made it to the coast. In retrospect, had we stayed in the water and exchanged archery shots, I would have won easily even with less-than-perfect aim thanks to my armor and current health. But yea, that did not happen.

On land we alternated between melee and archery, with him throwing in some magic as well. I never could get enough melee shots in to drop him, and every time I got him to around 10% he would zig-zag away and heal/transfer up. I attempted to land bow-shots as he did this, and while a few hit, it was not enough to keep me ahead. I was also doing a poor job of keeping up my health/stamina, and while towards the end I was mixing transfers in as well, it was too little too late, and soon a final melee occurred where I was downed, my opponent left standing at just a sliver of health.

Initially I was pissed that not only had I lost the fight, but also cost myself and my friend about two hours of farming, not to mention our gear bags and the potential bags of our two enemies. Considering the result that’s a rather large profit/loss swing. I was also upset because had I played a little better, I would have gotten the upper hand, but PvP panic and the major mental error did me in.

However, my friend took it in stride, said it was a fun fight, and that the loot is just loot and it’s all good. That helped, I calmed down a bit (I was ragin’), and went over what went wrong. Aside from forgetting that I did have aqua shot, I should have been healing/transferring more often, especially after killing the first player. I also could have thrown in a confusion or two during the fight, because even in heavy armor the spell can still take effect and would have helped. Finally, the choice to bring out the fire transmute was a costly mistake. I reviewed the combat log after the fight, and the sword was just not hitting nearly as hard as even an average r50 would have, let along the usual r60 that I use. With my normal sword each melee exchange would have been far more brutal for him, and he would either have had to attempt to heal more, or try to keep the fight ranged (which admittedly I was doing a decent job of denying).

As is usually the case in Darkfall though, it was a costly lesson, but ultimately a good and, once the rage subsided, entertaining one.

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  1. Imrys says:


    Lessons best learned are painful.

    Sounds like a good time.

  2. tanne 2000 says:

    i like this :)

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