Warband mod pack and a pile of bodies

All M&B:Warband, all the time!

I’m going to install this monster collection of mods as soon as I ‘finish’ my current game. I like the sound of a lot of them, and as of right now I’m looking more for stuff that enhances the core game rather than remakes it, and I think what Floris has put together is just that (correct me if I’m wrong here please).

As I mentioned before, fully maxed out (8x AA and such) I’m still sitting above 100FPS during the biggest battles, so I’m curious to see how far I can push things in terms of max characters and such. I upped the body count recently, and its good fun to ride in the aftermath of a huge blowout and see where and how things went down.

One of the best moments happened just yesterday, as one of my kingdom’s cities was under siege, and I rode in a bit late to help in the battle. It was the first time I’d been on the defending side of a castle, and it was just fascinating to see the battle from the walls rather than from the ground. It was also thrilling to crank out xbow bolt after xbow bolt as the enemies tries to make their way on to the walls, and eventually joining the mass of soldiers swinging away at the choke point. In a very realistic way, the enemies did push forward slowly, only to be pushed back off the wall once our reinforcements arrived. Castle fights are super brutal, and the amount of bodies piled into the choke point was jaw dropping.

One thing that I’ve noticed Warband does well is transition from being a small force focused game to more a political/meta game. When you first begin, all you are worried about is getting your small force up and running, making some coin, and doing whatever you can to get noticed. It’s a very ‘simple’ life.

As you progress, the ‘small’ stuff becomes less important, but you start to worry more about your relations with other lords, with the overall health of the kingdom, and how best to position yourself amongst all the turmoil of war. The game morphs very naturally, and in what I would image to be a very realistic way. I can only imagine things get even more ‘meta’ when you become king, but I’m not quite there yet.

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  1. Ardwulf says:

    I’ve been looking at that mod pack as a starting point. Some of the stuff like the late=period armors mod I’d prefer to stay away from at the moment – I’m reveling in the low-medieval feel of the place.

  2. Anonymous says:

    If you found Floris’ modpack you might have found his great AAR as well. Nonetheless I would like to point out this extraordinary story of a campaign in M&B. In one of the later postst there even is a description of some interesting traderoutes.

  3. Drew says:

    Not at all related to M&B:W.

    @Syn: Have you seen your boy Jef getting ripped in the Massively comments regarding the RIFT beta for pulling a Eurogamer review? I have no interest in RIFT, but it’s a pretty entertaining read – and brings back the question, “how much time does one need to spend in game to get an accurate assessment for an MMO?”

    • Drew says:

      I left out the air quotes for “Eurogamer review”, sorry. It’s a pretty comical read to see the venom with which the masses (I hate the term “fanboi”s) are reacting to his very frank, forthcoming ‘I played for one hour and I have seen this before’ comment.

  4. Kyir says:

    I still believe that Warband’s political side could have been done much better from the get-go. I appreciate it when other lords know when you do things for/against leaders that they know, but in the end their opinion doesn’t matter for much. Just being widely renowned is enough to be elected Marshall, which seems to me to be the only meaningful office unless you take your own country.

  5. CaptHook says:

    Have you checked out the Crpg mod yet?

    • SynCaine says:

      Looked at it, it turns Warband into a MMO-ish game, right? Interesting, but not for me (got DF for that)

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