Dungeons Review (off the demo)

Can you do a review off a demo? Yes? Cool.

Dungeons is billed as the spiritual successor to Dungeon Keeper (Google it WoW kiddies). That’s a tall order, as DK really was special for a lot of reasons, and many of them being little more than ‘it just all kinda came together’. I’m not sure HOW you design to recapture that, other than throw stuff together and hope it all works out. So based on the demo, does Dungeons succeed?

Knee-jerk reaction is yes. Designing the dungeon feels fun, the humor is there, and watching things happen is almost as much fun as making things happen. Does it feel like a game that’s going to dominate a major chunk of time, something that just overwhelms everything else and makes you go nuts? I don’t think so, although the demo is limited here and you don’t really get a great feel for the long-term or just how ‘sandbox’ the sandbox mode is going to be. The semi-sandbox game you get in the demo is good for 2-3 attempts (at most) before you have seen enough to move on.

But the biggest hurdle IMO for Dungeons has almost nothing to do with the game itself; it’s that it’s on Steam, and I’d be shocked if Dungeons was not a $5 special at some point, possibly as soon as 6 months after release. So unless you are just dying to play something like this, or the demo blows you away, why buy now? Aside from price, whatever bugs or issues the game has will be better off 6 months from now as well, so again, why buy now?

Once the game drops to the $5-15 range, I’m there, and I’d recommend the demo to anyone at all interested, it’s worth the download.

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4 Responses to Dungeons Review (off the demo)

  1. Shawndra says:

    Hubby had Jupiter@Night on when I was heading out the door this morning. They were talking about old school games they would love to see revamped, and Dungeon Keeper (especially #2) was one they were talking about. When it came out I was too busy changing diapers and wiping chins, so I never played it, but it sounds like something I could get into, other than WoW (I am not a “kiddie”!).

  2. Jezebeau says:

    I’ve already uninstalled it. It quickly becomes a time management sim, forcing you run all over your dungeon because so much is dependent on the dungeon lord’s presence.

    Mining a short hallway a ways from your dungeon heart takes an age if you’re not present, as your imps feel the need to deliver each coin they dig up, and don’t rotate shifts on the wall if it’s a long trip.

    Having a dungeon that will kill a hero after their soul points are maxed out should be its own reward for good design, not penalized because you didn’t run across the map and kill it yourself.

  3. Derrick says:

    It intrigued me -dungeon keeper was awesome – but like the above poster the need to have a physical presence in the game and run around kind of wrecked it for me. I’d have preferred to just design the perfect dungeon, lure the hero ever deeper then kill him via a well executed design and strategy without the running around and whatnot.

    Still, it’s entertaining, and if it drops to ~$5 I’ll pick it up to add some random entertainment options.

    God, I love and hate steam. I buy so many games I’d normally never bother with due to their silly sales.

  4. Hudson says:

    Game not that good. I have to agree with Out of Eight and his reviews.


    Also a 50% from Gamespot, which isnt reliable but they are right in this case

    Wait for it to hit the bargain bin. Solid letdown with repetitive boring combat, much like World of Warcraft..


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