F2P Entitlement

Today’s shining star:

Geting 72 IP for playing good and finishing teh game fast , making expansive Champions , they want us to buy RP , makinh more skins ans no server fix , I play LoL because it’s a free and fun Game , i don’t have money to buy RP , now I get low IP , i can’t buy all champs or build my runes .
Really guys ?!?!

This is an extreme example, but the amount of people who feel entitled to everything because a game is ‘free’ is amazing, especially when we are talking about a game like League of Legends, which actually IS free to fully play. You don’t hit a level cap and have to pay to continue, you can’t spend money to buy power, and aside from fluff and minor convenience items (not to be confused with ‘convenience’ items that are basically required to actually play like in many F2P games), you really don’t pay for anything.

Yet when the formula for earning in-game points is tweaked to give MORE points for longer games and less points for shorter ones (with the overall goal to keep average gains the same if not higher), all hell breaks loose and every leech and parasite grabs their virtual protest board and hits the e-streets. I have no doubt those some iProtesters own a sparkle pony or three, and can’t wait to pre-order the next CoD game.

One of the smartest things Aventurine ever did was separate their forums into customers and everyone else. I’d love for Riot to do the same with LoL. It would not completely stop the madness (just like ForumFall is still alive and ‘well’), but man, it would at least clean some of this stuff up and put it in the designated trash bin (free general board).

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3 Responses to F2P Entitlement

  1. Excelsias says:

    Amen. The LOL forums were full of chicken littles yesterday proclaiming the “END” of LOL. What a joke. Overall, LOL has a great community – if you only count 50% of it. The other 50% is scary. Scary, as in, it’s freakin’ scary that there could be so many stupid, raging, idiotic, people in the world.

  2. Torcano says:

    Yeah, its really amazing that a business would try and make money, isn’t it?

    • SynCaine says:

      I hate when companies do that, especially when they already over-deliver for a lower-than-average rate. I just don’t see why I can’t get everything, for free, all the time.

      Really guys ?!?!

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