Returning to M&B:Warband, with PoP

A few months ago I wrote a series of posts detailing my in-game Mount and Blade: Warband exploits. The series was enjoyable to write, and readers also seemed to enjoy them. Since then I’ve wanted to do something a little more ‘official’, and I believe the total conversion mod “Prophecy of Pendor” is just what I needed to get things going.

I’ll be creating a fresh character tonight, and every day I plan to play about an hour or so, with a blog post covering what happened. The plan is to have the series be a mix of in-character writing and OOC gameplay discussion. The PoP mod is all new to me, as I’ve only played it about an hour total to get a feel for the very basics. From what I’ve read it’s a step up in challenge from traditional warband, and contains a slew of new features and changes. So basically, I’ll not only be trying to win the game, but I’ll be learning exactly what the hell is going on, all while blogging about it daily. These posts will be in a new tab starting tomorrow.

The whole thing should be fun, and possibly a crushing defeat in the making.

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4 Responses to Returning to M&B:Warband, with PoP

  1. Saucelah says:


    On a related note, been playing M&B: Fire & Sword — not sure it was worth another purchase, but I’m enjoying the differences between it and native Warband. Still haven’t figured even half of it out, but that’s part of the fun.

  2. Irenor says:

    You should check out the multiplayer mods “Persistant World” and Mount&Musket, really fun mods.

  3. Gankalicious says:

    Nice one. I enjoyed that last series and look forward to this next installment.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Mildly interesting coincidence, I just liberated my gaming PC from my ex-girlfriend and ex-apartment. Apparently its faster than her laptop with Facebook and whatever other dumb crap she does.

    So I was looking to start gaming again with a vengeance, and was thinking of which game to dive into first….between SC2, LoL, something new, and of course M&B.

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