Darkfall: 2.0 update needs to come sooner than ‘soon’

Aventurine has been fairly active of late, releasing a good amount of info related to Darkfall 2.0, and I find myself buying into the hype. The things we know about 2.0 all sound great, and the core of DF is still very solid (best combat in an MMO, I like the lore/feel of the world, etc).

The last, but most important part is WHEN. Tasos has stated that in August more information about that will be known, and I (foolishly?) hope that come August, the announcement will be that DF2.0 is aimed to hit by the end of the year. Q1/Q2 2012 or beyond just seem so, so far away. I also suspect that 2.0 will be out sooner rather than later because even now, many among the community are in wait-and-see mode, and if this is extended for months on end people will allow accounts to lapse, and I don’t think Aventurine can afford that at this point.

This wait is worse than waiting for a fresh MMO to launch, because here we have already seen what DF could be, and it’s highlights are still some of my best MMO gaming moments. Hurry up already AV!

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3 Responses to Darkfall: 2.0 update needs to come sooner than ‘soon’

  1. bhagpuss says:

    I think you mean “fairly”. ^^

  2. coppertopper says:

    The later in the year, the worse it will be for them. And further if this doesnt blow doors, Darkfall will end up in the ftp garbage heap given it will be competing with TOR and GW2.

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