Third faction finally added to Warhammer Online!

The F2P knockoff game that is.

If you are still playing WAR, how much does this kick in the nuts hurt?

“Oh hi, we screwed WAR by making it two faction like WoW, but we made the knockoff a threeway. AHAHHAHAHHAHAHA suck it WAR/DoAC fans!” – Mythic

On the ‘plus’ side, it’s nice that the WAR team has moved on from failing to clone WoW to failing to clone LoL.

Poor Games Workshop and their IP, they really do deserve better.

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16 Responses to Third faction finally added to Warhammer Online!

  1. Shadow says:

    It really does have me a bit confused. It seems they are trying to get in on the MOBA market. The two games cab seemlessly share resources, so that’s good for Mythic. The downside is that a lot is current WAR players are there for the scenarios, and this F2P game is basically just unlimited SC play.

    Reportedly, there will be some incentivization for sub’ing WAR and playing WoH, but I can’t imagine it is much beyond a steady stream if their version of LoL’s Riot Points, or maybe special access to some new skins.

    It’s clear they’re trying, but the destinction between concerted effort and wild flailing can be murky at times.

  2. Shadow says:

    Oh, and BTW this is basically what WAR was when originally designed. Only PvP was scenario. Open world, keeps and all that came after.

  3. D says:

    Wait so is this warhammer online becoming a 3 realm open pvp game like daoc or something totally different? It said 6v6v6 which seems like bori
    ng instanced pvp

  4. ChrisChris says:

    They really should just shut down WAR. The fact that they put this into a whole new game instead of, you know, their fucking MMO just shows they don’t have faith in it anymore.

  5. But will it work?

    Is a Warhammer Online themed, three faction battleground game going to stand out enough to be a draw?

    Bloodbowl managed to get an online presence of its own and… well, it survives. I don’t know enough about it to be able to say if it thrives or not.

    At least there won’t be a quest log to worry about I suppose.

    • SynCaine says:

      Bloodbowl is different though, as its a straight port of an existing game. No creativity was needed for things like rules, balance, or character/team design. Hell, the only parts that the devs did have impact on (online lobby, solo campaign) sucked.

      • Well, when viewed from the right angle, this “new” game can be seen as a port of WAR, taking the part people expected to be good, removing it from its WoW Clone environment, and attempting to remedy the problems it had, all while sticking it into a new genre.

        But will people be excited by this? Obviously I am not, but I am interested to see if there is a Games Workshop demographic out there or enough current/former WAR players with a spark of interest to give this game a chance or not. Will being associated with WAR help or hurt?

        • SynCaine says:

          But will the skill system be WAR (dozens) or like LoL (4)? If it’s a straight copy of WAR skills, isn’t that going to be a massive balance issue now that all matches are just 6v6v6? And if it’s LoL-style, well, good luck to Mythic getting that balance right.

          I’m not seeing the market here. LoL works because the balance is so tight and the updates are so frequent. LoL-clones have already failed for these reasons. WAR has a better chance of getting a million subs than WOH has of becoming LoL-balanced.

        • bhagpuss says:

          I might give it a try. Although if I wanted to play Warhammer races and classes in a scenario setting I’d probably, y’know, just play Warhammer. Still, if it’s free…

          Shame they never thought of this three teams idea for the original game, though.

  6. Max says:

    MOBA market has lots of competition. LoL. HoN. DoTA2. Albeit I can see how 3d moba clone could try carve an new niche. Is it 3d?

  7. saucelah says:

    Has anyone played this? Is it like LoL/HoN or more like Bloodline Champions?

  8. Bronte says:


    Werit will not be amused…

  9. Anonymous says:

    They did shutdown war when they totally elimitated pve from the game when they added the ability for everyone to have double their level in ream rank even at low levels. So you did not want to touch a mob.

    That was their downfall from the start, not a good pve side. Great games take both, war just turned into running battlegrounds non stop, why not just play an fps shooter and have more fun. It’s not realy a game when you don’t get to group with your friends and take down that elite dragon at times.

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