EVE: Jita Burns Trammel

I was there.

Jita Burns also reminds me why Trammel was such a horrible mistake. Most days, for most people, Empire space in EVE is ‘safe’ unless you do something stupid. Not all of New Eden is a FFA PvP gankfest like UO was in 97, or Darkfall is today.

But New Eden is also not Trammel, where the devs stepped in, took the easy way out, and made the world 100% safe. CCP found a middle ground, one that undeniably works, and allows for Jita Burns to happen.

If you were there last night, you know why that’s a wonderful thing.

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28 Responses to EVE: Jita Burns Trammel

  1. gevlon says:

    I was there. Getting in to 4-4 with 1B in the hold was some real thrill. Then undocking with another 0.8B and bringing it to Amarr.

    6 freighters already down.http://eve-kill.net/?a=system_detail&sys_id=143&scl_id=20

    Were these people living under a rock??? This thing is on the news for a MONTH!

  2. motstandet says:

    “I tell you what, it’s going to be f***ing brilliant,” Jon Lander, senior producer of Eve Online, told Eurogamer this morning. “Absolutely brilliant.”

    “The worst thing we could do is to stop it happening. It would be appalling for the game. It would be against everything we stand for.”


    I knew all this “testing CCP” rhetoric from Mittani was just sensationalism.

    • SynCaine says:

      Amazingly, I only had to get a few sentences into a EG article to come across a factual inaccuracy. Good to know EG is still being EG.

      Edit: Also the comments section is Massively-quality.

  3. spinks says:

    So what did you do when you were there?

    • SynCaine says:

      Watched the carnage with an alt.

      • Anon says:

        Now, even that is impossible, as Jita is blocking any new characters due to overcrowding.

        My Jita alts are blocked from even loading into a station.

      • gevlon says:

        That’s really heroic. Why didn’t you participate in the event in some form?

        Even I did by sneaking in valuable cargo (which is the opposite of what the Goons want, to stop the trade). You always preach about PvP but when the event comes even I outdo you?

        • mbp says:

          I don’t normally side with Gevlon but I think he has definitely scored one up on you this time Syncaine.

        • SynCaine says:

          I sold our WH loot in Jita earlier in the day. Without disco ships, getting a nano cov-op in is not worth writing about. Also moving PvP ships out of a WH to.. what exactly, for this was not worth my effort.

        • wloire says:

          Is it Friday already?

        • Sand says:

          are you smacktalking, gevlon? goblins don’t smacktalk. it’s an ape-subroutine that logical randian objectivists are immune to.

        • mbp says:

          OK Gevlon, Syncaine has seen your 1 Billion and raised you some Wormhole loot. Ball is back in your court.

        • Cyndre says:

          More specifically he flew in a weeks worth of Sleeper loot. The data libraries alone were over 1B, not including the nanoribbons, so ya, he played a part.

      • sparky@safetymail.info says:

        If the optimal way to enjoy the best player-created content crafted by the most dedicated members of the only true sandbox MMO out there is to stay the hell away from it and watch it from a safe distance on an alt rather than participate, that says a lot about the quality of said content, community and MMO.

        • muckbeast says:

          Agreed. Sounds like this is yet another exampls of general Eve community douchebaggery that people rave about only when they can sit on the sidelines and not be the victims.


          I’m just glad Eve keeps sociopaths like “The Mittani” busy so they aren’t polluting other online communities (who have enough trouble on their own already! LOL)

        • motstandet says:

          Who said it was optimal?

          And if you thought Burn Jita was “douchebaggery”, then you’re going to love Hulkageddon :) http://hulkageddon5.machine9.net/

          Eve is the best MMORPG on the market. All the other Online Single Player Achievement Orgies are masquerades.

        • Rammstein says:

          1. Why do you call it the best player-created content?

          2. Why do you call that the optimal way to enjoy it?

          In essence, what you are saying is that if one player didn’t enjoy an event, than the event, MMO, and community must all be horrible. I.e., you are DEMANDING lowest common denominator content, and making a bald assertion that any game that attempts to provide content for different niches is a horrible game, fostering a horrible community.

          By all means, stay away from EVE. We don’t want you.

  4. Andrei says:

    What is this “Jita Burns” again? Why wasn’t I affected at all? Did I miss the memo? Is it my time zone? Is it that I don’t visit Jita that often? Or is it goons are just too little of a nuisance?

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