EVE: Cleaning out our C3

Not wanting to keep paying for fuel, I took down the last pieces of our C3 last weekend in an epic 5 hours marathon (and learned that the sun does come up before 5am EST here…).

Some notes:

I decided to make the move at around midnight due to our C3 having a high-sec hole. As I logged on, someone was running sites, but they fled as soon as they saw me on d-scan. They left about 300m in sleeper loot behind that I cleaned up in my cov-ops. Good start.

Somehow we had three shuttles in our Corp hanger (not ship hanger). I could not delete or move these as they were assembled. This prevented the Corp hanger from being packed up (could not unanchor due to it not being empty…). The next day someone had already blown the hanger up, but left the three shuttles floating. The next day someone took/blew up the shuttles. One man’s trash…

Our actual ship hanger still had about 20 odd ships inside it, mostly from members who went afk and a few from people too lazy to get them out. As I could not fly them out due to skills, I did the only thing I could: I ejected all the ships and blew them up one by one, using an Arby with five drones (the pilot in the hole has no real combat skills). Even unpiloted, it still took a while to chop up some of the T2 cruisers and the Brutix.

As each ship was blown up, the Corp collected insurance. I found this amusing.

Once everything had been destroyed, I got back in my utility Cov-Ops to loot/salvage. While most wrecks were not that interesting, a few of the T2 ships had some nice faction and deadspace mods. I did not have it in me to see what mods did not survive the carnage.

As I was making a final trip out, the HS WH went End-of-life. For a brief second I considered not jumping and possibly losing the hole entirely (this pilot is the last member inside). I ended up saying screw it and jumped anyway. Made it back inside just fine, thankfully.

I’ve been using Redfrog like a fiend, and at some point I’ll finally swing by Jita to sell everything. I’ve lost count how many billions have now been hauled there, from all corners of New Eden (thanks to hauling junk out from different holes on different days), but the ‘joy’ of reprocessing hundreds of random items and then listing a few hundred more will be great…

The really funny/sad thing is that a few C5 sleeper sites generate more ISK than the entire C3 earned us during our stay. That we have an upcoming secret Op that will likely be worth far, far more than THAT also puts thing in perspective, and makes leaving behind a few hundred million in PI goods an easy choice over however many hauling trips it would have taken to get it all out.

If you would like to buy a C3 with a low-sec static and great PI (POCOs included), let me know. IMO it’s the perfect ‘starter’ hole for a Corp new to wormhole space. Traffic is low as you only have the low-sec to worry about, the PI is great and easy for everyone to get started with, and C3 Sleeper sites sit at just the right level of difficulty and reward.

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  1. pjharvey says:

    Somehow we had three shuttles in our Corp hanger (not ship hanger). I could not delete or move these as they were assembled.

    Yep, that’s frustrating and far from intuitive to know what to do with them. As was pointed out to me, you can make assembled ships active by dragging them from the CHA to an SMA, and then launching them from the SMA as normal.

    It’s too late now to save the CHA, but it may save some annoyance if it happens again in the future.

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