Atlantica Online is on Steam, still sadly F2P

Atlantica Online is now on Steam, which triggered “hey let’s see if Atlantica is as good as I remember it”, with the bonus that I’m playing it with my wife this time.

I feel like Atlantica holds a very special place in the MMO genre. It’s a title any serious fan needs to experience, because it teaches an extremely valuable lesson: no matter how awesome your content is, the F2P model will ruin it. No game makes this as clear as AO does, and for that reason everyone should try it.

Side bonus; it’s an awesome game. I won’t rehash why, as I’ve done that multiple times here already. Just search for AO-tagged posts and you will find plenty of info and opinion.

This concludes the 2012 version of why I hate F2P. Goodbye.

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2 Responses to Atlantica Online is on Steam, still sadly F2P

  1. carson63000 says:

    I’ve agreed with you about this so many times that it seems redundant to do it again – but I agree. Such a “coulda been” game, so different to everything else, really great fun potential.. and then ruined, not even by pay-to-win, worse, “pay-to-gamble-to-win”. Yecch.

  2. Hudson says:

    Watch out you dont want to draw the ire of the F2P expert Beau heaven forbid!

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