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I don’t often link to Kickstarter projects because while a lot of ideas sound great, we all know a great idea is not enough to actually make a great game.

With that said, when people with experience making games like Baldur’s Gate and Icewind Dale tell me they want to make a game like Baldur’s Gate but with an updated engine and no publisher bullshit limiting the content… TAKE MY MONEY NOW.


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14 Responses to Wallet vote

  1. magnoz says:

    o_O already more than $1.1 million and still 31 days left

  2. Powdrdsnake says:

    I pledged after seeing the article on Kotaku… checked back six hours later and they already had close to a million. Definitely starting to see an interesting trend away from publishers after what seems like gaming blunder after gaming blunder. We’ll how kickstarter is doing after a couple years, and what the percentage of projects that ACTUALLY come to fruition, but I have high hopes!

  3. carson63000 says:

    You sold me on it. Pledge pledged.

  4. zubonganai says:


    Under the heading of deferred/instant gratification: “give us money now, and we’ll send you a game in April 2014.” And they’ve been getting ~1000 backers/hour so far.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Is it just my laptop or is the audio quiet as hell on this video?

  6. Drew says:

    Thanks for the heads-up. Pledge submitted.

  7. Jenks says:

    From the creators of Dungeon Siege 3, Alpha Protocol, and the ending to KOTOR 2…

    Was a huge Black Isle fan, not a huge Obsidian fan. I’ll wait for reviews/steam sale a few years from now.

  8. Xyloxan says:

    I like the idea of game developing through Kickstarter. My pledge for Project Eternity (box version) submitted.

  9. tithian says:

    “Project Eternity will take the central hero, memorable companions and the epic exploration of Baldur’s Gate, add in the fun, intense combat and dungeon diving of Icewind Dale, and tie it all together with the emotional writing and mature thematic exploration of Planescape: Torment.”

    And they also made Fallout 1&2 and Arcanum.

    *throws money at the screen*

  10. thade says:

    I felt precisely the same way about this Kickstarter when I saw it. “Hey. We’re the guys that made every single game you ever loved. You know, the games by which you measure all other games and find so many to fall short thereof. Okay, we didn’t make Master of Orion 2, but we did make EVERYTHING ELSE.”


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