Tell me if you’ve heard this one before

A year and a half ago SOE scrapped EQNext and totally revamped the game to be the “largest sandbox style MMO ever designed”, yo. John Smedley promises, and puts the fine and well-respected SOE name behind that promise!

Of course, something else was released about a year and a half ago, but I’m sure that’s a total coincidence. It’s not like Smedley is talking about mob AI and world impact or anything.

I wonder if EQNext royalties will match up to all the money Aventurine paid me to hype Darkfall…

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4 Responses to Tell me if you’ve heard this one before

  1. Ardwulf says:

    It seems to me that mob AI in particular is one of the most obvious and the easiest things one could improve about the current MMO continuum. MObs right now, in almost every game, are abysmally stupid; even a few simple modifications to make their behavior seem more dynamic would be a huge improvement. The Storybricks people have been talking about this for some time; indeed, that’s what Storybricks is, far as I can tell.

    Nor do I think that a PvE sandbox is something totally out of left field; we had such things, back in the day, at least to a greater extent than now, and I think it’s only the standout example of EVE that’s made players of late redefine “sandbox” in terms of PvP.

    I realize your post in tongue-in-cheek, but I see these as obvious innovations. Besides, we’ll have to see whether Smed can come through on what he said over the weekend, and any details are a long way off.

  2. Zyref says:

    Keep in mind, Smed plays Eve and has talked about emulating that game the past.

  3. ALCH3MIST says:

    To be honest, the only believable mob AI I came across was Ryzom’s. Migrations, even stampedes….now THAT is Ai.

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