Xcom Ironman is like playing Darkfall, minus the NPC aliens

I’m a little late in jumping on the Xcom bandwagon, but its every bit as good as you likely have heard.

I went straight into Classic/Ironman, and I’m glad I did. So far (game 11), I’ve not survived longer than June (maybe July…), but the fun comes in losing and rethinking not only on-map strategies, but long term stuff like research focus and base layout.

I think I’d find the game far less entertaining if I first played it on a lower difficulty, and especially without Ironman forcing restarts rather than reloads. So far in every game, while bad luck certainly contributes, ultimately the ‘bad luck’ could have been avoided with better planning or execution. With reloads, it would have accelerated the learning process and hence shortened the enjoyment of the game. I have no doubt that at some point, I’ll have figured Xcom out and then it will just come down to execution and luck, which while still fun, is not as great as having to figure it all out as you go step by step.

Also Xcom Classic/Ironman is a fantastic primer for Darkfall. Losing your best squad member to an unlucky alien crit is similar to putting on your Sunday best gear bag and getting ganked before you even get to swing once. It sucks, but usually it’s a pretty memorable suck that just motives you to get better rather than ragequit.

It’s a lot like this latest DF video really. On the plus side, the new UI looks good, the video is solid quality overall, and um, ‘gameplay’ vid. On the other, why are there no mobs around, and why is a stomp ability involve swinging your arms? Plus the game is a month from release and you show off 2 of 5 skills from one class in a video? Oh AV.

Edit: Quick note about Inq; we have a very solid crew of returning and new players, and everyone is very excited. So if you are still looking for a clan (and if you don’t have one for DF, you should), we are still open and looking for players that will fit in.

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10 Responses to Xcom Ironman is like playing Darkfall, minus the NPC aliens

  1. Gank says:

    Yea, X-Com is good, but very, very flawed. I started in Ironman because, like you, I enjoy the challenge. Bugs made me abandon that game and play ‘normal’ mode. I won’t try Ironman until they fix the bugs. The forum bug watch lists 70+ known issues and one of them is the doors won’t open (for some) on the final mission. Soo dissapointed in Firaxis and 2K. Never seen a AAA game with so many game-breaking bugs before.

    • SynCaine says:

      I don’t think I’ve run into a bug yet, but I’ve not done the final mission. I’ve not been looking on forums and such just to avoid spoilers, so maybe I have run across something and just not noticed it.

  2. UnicornDick says:

    XCOM on ironman is the only way to go. I am proud to say that one of the most agonizing experiences I have had in gaming just happened. I got a whole squad of Captains and Majors wiped to those fucking Chryssalids… it was brutal but I loved it!

  3. Dirtysouth says:

    That df video was comical. Why even release that? I hope it is a solid game but no way I’m jumping in blind on this one

  4. preben says:

    The game was made for ironman. I mean you can play without ironman but you can’t save prior to going to missions since the game won’t let you save while an active mission is available.

    And if you save doing a mission, and reload, your soldiers will still die.

    That being said classic is a little silly in the beginning. The missions are fine, but the tatical part of the game will break you unless you’re lucky in your first two months. If you are lucky however it’s very fun… unlike normal which gets really really boring.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I understand that Inq still plays on EU server ?

  6. bonedead says:

    Need more people playing DF for the final free month

  7. adam says:

    Holy crap, you’ve played 11 games and you’ve made it to June/July at least once? How many hours have you played? I’ve played about 20 hours and I’m just to June in my first game (Normal Ironman). If you played at my pace you’d be at like 150 hours.

    • SynCaine says:

      Some of those games are as short as the first mission going poorly, so not all 11 are ‘real’ games. Also my first few attempts were pretty short as well (started at Classic/Ironman). Steam says I’ve played 30 hours, which seems pretty accurate.

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