Skyrim vs DF:UW combat

Playing Skyrim on the side again (new mods ftw), first time since Darkfall has been release, and yikes is the combat in Skyrim slow and disconnected compared to DF:UW. I also can’t hit a damn thing with a bow because I’m so use to archery in DF; I keep forgetting you shoot missiles in Skyrim.

(Yes, sorry excuse for a Monday blog post. Sorry. A detailed update on what I’m doing in DF is coming tomorrow)

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9 Responses to Skyrim vs DF:UW combat

  1. If nothing else, I am glad to hear that somebody else cannot hit squat with a bow and arrow in Skyrim.

  2. If you want to really be frustrated (in Skyrim) try this challenge (taken from theSkyrimblog): go to the Solitude docks and shoot down 10 birds with 10 consecutive arrows. Hard mode involved a timer as well. One of the harder challenges up there. :3

  3. Kyff says:

    What about the detailed update? Are you working on the korean launch of your blog?

  4. Matt says:

    Oblivion has a mod/mods that make arrows travel faster. Not sure if Skyrim has the same thing, but if it does it makes it much more reasonable to hit a moving target.

  5. Derrick says:

    What do you mean by “you shoot missiles in skyrim”?

    Also, have you “fixed” your skyrim.ini to have arrows actually fly properly and disable the “autoaiming” that skyrim does by default, so you aim by manually arcing arrows instead of just pointing your crosshairs at your target?

    • SynCaine says:

      Haven’t done anything with .ini (unless a mod has done it for me), but yea, basically in Skyrim arrows fly a lot straighter than they do in DF, hence missile. They are also much faster than in DF, so you don’t need to lead targets nearly as much.

      It’s not a huge deal, I’m not playing Skyrim for the combat engine anyway, but I just never noticed how off it was on its own; its pretty jarring when jumping from DF.

      • Derrick says:

        In Skyrim.ini:

        This causes arrows to fire along proper trajectories. What happens normally in Skyrim is that when your crosshairs are on a target within autoaiming range, the game automatically “arcs” your arrows manually to hit the target. This creates a confusing disconnect when you’re attempting to lead a target, as in that case it doesn’t automatically arc for you. Also, the arcing stops when a target under your crosshairs is too far away – it’s extremely disorienting when a target is close to that point. If he’s within auto-arcing range, you’ll hit him if he’s motionless and your crosshair is on him; back up a couple steps and your arrow flies into the dirt waaaaaaaay before him.

        The “physics” of the arrow will of course differ (speed, arc) because their physics settings are of course quite different, but with the above settings at least the Skyrim arrows will fly consistently.

        I was terrible with a bow before doing that, but with a smidge of practice after I quickly got to the point where I just didn’t miss anymore.

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