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Why is there not more XCOM DLC?

Back when it was released, I assumed we would be getting tons of XCOM Enemy Unknown DLC as the months went on. More missions, more weapons, more maps, etc. We got a few piddly additions (3 mission arc, really?), and … Continue reading

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EQN – Player freedom is too scary for most

The most interesting topic around right now is how a living ecosystem or smart AI could actually work in an MMO. Now, before you go ahead and comment “but SynCaine, you already told us how it would work in 2011”, … Continue reading

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DF:UW – Same place, different crew

Let’s get back to talking about a sandbox, shall we? I recently left OTG to join up with Proxy. It was a tough decision as I liked playing with OTG and the clan is doing very well in DF:UW. I … Continue reading

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EQN: Leading off with your best

When someone states their MMO is doing something different from everyone else, which of the following innovations would you rather see: WAR’s Public Quests, changing how you go about getting into a group to do group content. Or EQN’s “parkour”, … Continue reading

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EQN: The next big AAA disaster

In case you don’t want to sit through the EQNext showing, here are the cliff notes: “If someone should do it, it should be EverQuest. Again” (UO…) Lighting Lighting Lighting Lighting Adventure Lighting Lighting How do you like it? :mild … Continue reading

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The price of fame

Via Zubon on KTR, we have this Penny Arcade report about a dev quitting his job over negative feedback/threats over Twitter. Zubon’s post is an attempt to help raise awareness for the situation so negativity/threats slow or stop. I couldn’t … Continue reading

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