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I actually don’t hate the new WoW expansion

One of two things is happening: 1) The Blizzard interns that were running WoW have finally figured it out or 2) The genre is such crap that WoW is starting to look appealing In all seriousness the newly announced expansion, … Continue reading

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One last bonus of playing DDO for 15min

Now Turbine emails me all the amazing deals they have going in the cash shop! Awesome! It took longer to download your trashheap than I spent playing it, but yea, totally email me about buying more garbage, please. F2P… ALL … Continue reading

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This is why its hard to take Massively serious

From this article: “But let’s say that things do work the way the developers estimate. The average gamer, age 33 with children barking in the background of Mumble, will run out of content after about two months on average MMO, … Continue reading

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Another day, another F2P dev digging a way out of his grave

My notes while watching the video. It’s 45min and about Age of Empires Online, but worthwhile if you have some time to kill and enjoy watching another hotbar salesmen stumble around. (Credit where credit is due, his presentation style was … Continue reading

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Path of Exile – Finally the game it had the potential to become

I’ve been a Path of Exile (PoE) fan for a while now, dating back to whenever they asked for $10 to get access to the beta. I always thought it had some good ideas, but it never clicked with me … Continue reading

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15 minutes of DDO went about as well as expected

The good: DDO still remembers my beta account, though not the characters. It also remembers my two box set accounts, though again not characters. Seems to have forgotten those were paid account, odd… The bad: Everything else. Before character creation … Continue reading

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