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Kenshi review – Quickly becoming one of my favorite games of all time

Kenshi had been on my Steam wishlist for, literally, years. It was initially placed there because of the promise of a sandbox RPG, at a time when just those two terms got you on my wishlist. I never pulled the … Continue reading

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So McQuaid it hurts

I have a feeling SOE shutting down a bunch of “F2P ALL TEH WAY!” titles is going to lead to a lot of blogging gold, especially things like this nugget: Brad MqcQuaid, who made the now dead Vanguard and is … Continue reading

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Swimming in tears

First, I must say the blogosphere is living up to Friday Blog wars (lazy linking since I don’t want to update this as more pop up). It took a bit of time, but finally people have caught on and are … Continue reading

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#EVE #Cyber bullying #Cry for help #The Mittani #kool-aid

So this is what happens when you mix one ‘trendy’ topic (bullying) with another hot-button issue (EVE) huh? Hilarity ensues and the Internet lawyers and psychologist come out of the woodworks. Moar tears cannot even begin to describe what I’m … Continue reading

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WAR, SW:TOR, and the ‘death’ of the MMO genre

God, where to start with this debacle? My anger at WAR has actually increased since leaving the game, for a number of reasons. When I left the game I thought it had a good base and was just missing a … Continue reading

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Perma-death to all Darkfriends!

Since 1997 and Ultima Online the concept of perma-death in an MMO has always interested me. I think a large part of it has to do with a core appeal of MMOs themselves; the fact that everything ‘counts’ and you … Continue reading

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Another year, and still everyone is immortal?

Speaking of death (see post below), one thing I noticed while reading everyone’s 2010 predictions is that no one (that I saw) predicted an MMO would launch or be announced with perma-death. While MUDs exist or existed with perma-death, we … Continue reading

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