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Kenshi review – Quickly becoming one of my favorite games of all time

Kenshi had been on my Steam wishlist for, literally, years. It was initially placed there because of the promise of a sandbox RPG, at a time when just those two terms got you on my wishlist. I never pulled the … Continue reading

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So McQuaid it hurts

I have a feeling SOE shutting down a bunch of “F2P ALL TEH WAY!” titles is going to lead to a lot of blogging gold, especially things like this nugget: Brad MqcQuaid, who made the now dead Vanguard and is … Continue reading

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Swimming in tears

First, I must say the blogosphere is living up to Friday Blog wars (lazy linking since I don’t want to update this as more pop up). It took a bit of time, but finally people have caught on and are … Continue reading

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#EVE #Cyber bullying #Cry for help #The Mittani #kool-aid

So this is what happens when you mix one ‘trendy’ topic (bullying) with another hot-button issue (EVE) huh? Hilarity ensues and the Internet lawyers and psychologist come out of the woodworks. Moar tears cannot even begin to describe what I’m … Continue reading

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WAR, SW:TOR, and the ‘death’ of the MMO genre

God, where to start with this debacle? My anger at WAR has actually increased since leaving the game, for a number of reasons. When I left the game I thought it had a good base and was just missing a … Continue reading

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Perma-death to all Darkfriends!

Since 1997 and Ultima Online the concept of perma-death in an MMO has always interested me. I think a large part of it has to do with a core appeal of MMOs themselves; the fact that everything ‘counts’ and you … Continue reading

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Another year, and still everyone is immortal?

Speaking of death (see post below), one thing I noticed while reading everyone’s 2010 predictions is that no one (that I saw) predicted an MMO would launch or be announced with perma-death. While MUDs exist or existed with perma-death, we … Continue reading

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MMO history, that Bartle guy, and why WoW2 won’t blow your mind.

It seems we had a busy weekend in the MMO blog world, fueled by an interview with Richard Bartle done by Michael Zenke over at Massively. As with anything remotely interesting posted on the internet these days, the responses to … Continue reading

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Live free or perma-die… but not so hard.

The idea of perma-death has been around for as long as MMOs have. It’s one of those ‘hot button’ issues that always polarizes fans and leads to long forum threads discussing its merits. This is not a forum, but here … Continue reading

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