SOE is going to pleasantly surprise you because they are SOE

Oh Smed.

The guy knows he works for SOE right? The “we haven’t done anything right since EQ1” studio? The studio that NGE’ed SWG probably shouldn’t be trying to get people back by reminding them of that, especially since the easy money is on whatever Smed is hinting at being terrible, because SOE.

Between this and “lulz Minecraft”, we will be entertained by the stumbles and bumbles of SOE all throughout 2014.



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6 Responses to SOE is going to pleasantly surprise you because they are SOE

  1. C. T. Murphy says:

    Reminds me of the Radio Shack Super Bowl commercial. “Yeah, we haven’t been good since Everquest!”

    Really inspiring, Smed, really inspiring.

  2. This poking loudly at SWG players… which got amended in a later tweet to indicate that Smed really just meant some sandbox-like features would be akin to SWG… seems like a strange effort. I mean, I guess it doesn’t cost much for Smed to say such things, but who is going to buy into it sight unseen?

    As I asked elsewhere, how many people stuck with SWG because it was a sandbox and how many because it was Star Wars MMO set between episodes IV and V?

  3. wartzilla says:

    Planetside 2 is a good game so I’m giving SOE a chance.

    I never gave a fuck about Galaxies, so whatever.

  4. tms says:

    Does the guy not get the even after all these years the NGE is a giant scab that he just keeps picking at? Does he not get the fact that to those of us who lived through that game that SOE did nothing but ignore their player base from beta on?

    Does he think we’ve forgotten? Really? Really?!?

  5. I haven’t given a penny to SOE since the day after the NGE was released. Seeing Smed’s comments pop up every once in a while just reinforces that I made a good decision.

  6. bonedead says:

    In other news is still chugging along and making a good amount of progress every year. Closer to a standalone server anyone can host all the time. Plus you can relive your SWG glory days for the most part already.

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