Payday the right way, DF:UW boats, ESO beta

Random bits on a Friday.

Payday 2 received a nice free update recently, adding a new difficulty level to every heist and two new enemies, among other changes. The game continues to be another good example of how to support your game post-release, mixing DLC and free updates to keep people interested while still making money. Certainly it’s been one of the better games I’ve purchased in recent years, and is still highly recommended.

Went to a Sea Fortress recently in Darkfall. We had ten with us, and I was driving the boat. When we initially arrived we saw a few other boats fighting it out, and the hitpoints of the Sea Fortress were also dropping. We rolled the dice and tried to get the last hit on the tower, but no luck there. We then engaged one boat with cannon fire, only to eventually be swarmed by 4-5 large boats and another 3-4 smaller ships all from the same alliance. We held out for a bit, as I tried to sail the ship in such a way as to reduce the number of enemy cannons able to hit us, but eventually our boat was too damaged (slows the boat), the enemy ships caught up, and we got swarmed. Good times, and credit to the enemy for bringing so many people.

Finally, ESO beta is this weekend, and I’ve got a nice crew interested in the game. I don’t know if INQ is officially going to jump into the game, but either way I’m in and will have a guild up. Hoping to see some of the dungeon content this weekend, and maybe jump into the RvR area as well.

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7 Responses to Payday the right way, DF:UW boats, ESO beta

  1. mobs says:

    Did you roll as Syncaine?

  2. sleepysam says:

    Interested to hear more on ESO. I would say I’m on the fence, but really I’m looking at the fence.

  3. Igolbug OWE says:

    I was going to grind it out to get a taste of the pvp this weekend. Wasn`t going to touch it but then a friend of mine told me his entire AoC guild is going to be playing so I might play it just because I`ll be relevant. See how the pvp is this weekend.

  4. JJ Robinson says:

    Any updates on the pvp and game in general? Seems to be mixed reviews, so wavering a little. However, the graphics look great and the craft system is intriguing. Must admit I have not played a ton of ES before.

    Been playing Banished, which is great, but looking for a new MMO…

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