ESO, DF:UW – Sometimes we go looking for something we already have

This past weekend ESO had another beta weekend, but I wasn’t able to play much as I had issues with the account my highest-level character is on. I did create an Imperial on my purchased account, but beyond that and testing mob collision quickly, I didn’t really play the game.

I did play a lot of Darkfall, as that game has sunk its hooks back into me. Momentum is a powerful force in the MMO genre, and who you play with is, IMO, a bigger ‘content driver’ than the actual content itself.

Quick example: On Saturday a few of us went out on a boat to attempt to kill the Ice Dragon. We failed; his regen offset our dps and we didn’t have enough people, enough arrows, and enough repair shards. One member of the alliance was driven to killing him, so much so that he pulled together the enormous amount of mats to craft the biggest ship currently in the game (a Ship of the Line), had it crafted, and put together a large crew to attempt the dragon again.

This time we were successful, and even though some uniquely Darkfall stuff happened (climbing to the extremely tall crows nests of the ship was the key to success, as at that height you are able to target the dragon with arrows much easier), the fight was overly long and the loot was terrible, so until its buffed we won’t be going again.

So overall not amazing content in terms of effort/reward, but something that entertained 16 people mostly because of those 16 people. If that doesn’t sum up WoW 40 man raiding, you didn’t raid enough. Is there such content in ESO? We’ll find out shortly.

Another comparison; DF:UW isn’t known for its PvE. ESO has a lot of PvE content and that is a major selling point. One of the early complaints about ESO is that the PvE is faceroll easy. Another is the combat lacks a real feeling of impact, and Bethesda has made multiple changes to that area to help fix the problem. I don’t think anyone has ever said PvE in DF lacks impact, nor has anyone called it faceroll easy by MMO standards.

Quick example: Near one of the hamlets our clan owns is a mob spawn with some easier mobs and one terror-level mob. Lately I’ve been making the quick trip out to the spawn to kill the terror. It takes me 2-3 minutes to kill him using full plate (3rd best warrior armor) and a leenspar greatsword (second best weapon). My character is maxed when it comes to spending prowess for a warrior and the related stats. I haven’t died to him yet, but each time I have to kite him a bit, recover hp/stamina, and use my life-leach attack as often as possible.

Beating that mob is harder than anything I’ve done in ESO, and that’s 100% ignoring the fact that at any point someone could come along and jump me at the spawn; something that can’t happen in ESO. In ESO I’d also never consider what gear to bring to kill him, I’m always wearing the best stuff I have. In DF I could wear higher-tier armor/weapons, or lower tier if I felt in greater danger and accepted that killing him would take longer. Also in ESO I’d kill him once and be done Perhaps not major decisions overall, but still decisions to be made vs no decision at all.

Another example: Rynnik and I set out to farm some Black Knights. We both had not completed the feat for them, we both could use the loot they drop overall, and Black Knights specifically drop the item needed to make the gauntlet for the new village requisitioning system. Three birds, one stone.

We recalled to his house as a starting point as it was close to the spawn, and we both set ourselves to Deadeye skirmishers since we were going to kite and bow them down. Rynnik also brought a party strongbox deployable so we could store the loot inside rather than carry it on us.

Things were going well for the first wave. We killed and looted all the knights, stored our loot in the strongbox, and waited for the respawn. About a third of the way into the second wave, a warrior and mage attacked us at the spawn. Initially they fought both of us, but shortly both focused on Rynnik and he ran them away from the spawn. I recovered and Rynnik circled back after losing them. Stupidly we started farming again, and quickly got jumped by those two again. I went down, Rynnik escaped.

I regeared quickly and made my way back to the area, as we hoped they had not found our strongbox and we could at least recover all of our farming loot. As we crept back into the area, we noticed the mage was standing on the nearby hill, and as we continued, we noticed the warrior was just returning. They found our strongbox, and the warrior had gone to get battlespikes to blow it open. As they were focused on opening the strongbox, we gained the high ground and prepared to attack.

I opened with a large AoE that puts a DOT and also slows anyone caught in it, while Rynnik went for more direct damage. The warrior reacted quickly and moved away, but the mage was loot-drunk and had his head inside our now-open strongbox. Taking advantage of this, we put a half-dozen arrows in his back and down he went. We fought the warrior for a bit, but the 2v1, double-skirm vs warrior setup was highly in our favor, and he too went down. He had banked my previous gear set, but in return we got his, the mage’s, and also all the loot from our strongbox. A nice ending to our little PvE adventure.


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8 Responses to ESO, DF:UW – Sometimes we go looking for something we already have

  1. zaphod6502 says:

    Maybe I simply suck but I was dying in TESO all the time. Some of the classes are awful until you get to higher levels and the dearth of self healing abilities does not help at all. Again this may be a level issue. From memory the highest level char I had was lvl 8. The volcano zone seemed to be the best killer of players as numerous people were running from trains of mobs and dying.

    • sid6.7 says:

      The premise that solo PvE in DF:UW is harder than other games is not one that I agree with… I think the key difference is that it’s not as linear and you choose your battles.

      DF:UW has ten ranks of mob difficulty. The first rank, Varmit (1), is so easy that a brand new player could kill hundreds of them without really needing a break. The last rank, Horror (10), is equivalent to a 20-man raid boss.

      The bulk of the mobs that solo-players fight are Beasts (4), Fiends (5), Villians (6) and Terrors (7). The ranks themselves are somewhat subjective but mostly consistent. There are some oddities (like Villians more difficult than some Terrors) but the rank of the mob determines the loot table, prowess earned and count towards some nice mob-rank feats.

      Unlike a themepark, some spawns have mixes of high-rank with low-rank and other spawns will occasionally spawn a ‘boss’ that is of a much higher rank. So you do commonly need to avoid some mobs while killing others.

      Terrors are generally very difficult to solo, so most Terrors are done by people in groups. Syncaine is choosing to do a much more difficult mob by himself in much the same way a themepark player may attempt a group elite by himself.

  2. sleepysam says:

    This, a thousand times this…

    “… and who you play with is, IMO, a bigger ‘content driver’ than the actual content itself.”

    At least for me.

  3. anon says:

    Meh even the pve in darkfall is better than I’ve seen out of eso. Darkfall has the true open world with no rvr going for it. I dont think ill be getting eso it didn’t even attention all weekend within a few hours I was playing banished then back to eve after. At least I could play darkfall a few months before I got fed up with av not knowing what they are doing. rvr ruins good games. I hate NC soft but all the half ass theme park stuff today has me begging for a lineage 3

  4. Quelldrogo says:

    One question. Does DF have a stealth class? Or are all classes always visible, using cover, etc…? Thanks.

    • Quelldrogo says:

      From another comment board April 2013 — “one of the upcoming skirmisher Schools will offer a skill that will prevent you from beeing detected via mouse-overlay Information. The enemy wont see your Name/HP when he aims at you as Long as the buff is enabled ”

      Did this ability make it into DF?

      • SynCaine says:

        It did not.

        Stealth isn’t a skill or mechanic, but stealthy gameplay very much is using crouch walking (less noise) and hiding behind trees/rocks/etc

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