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Double cheese weekends

Quick one for today, which I think is going to build towards a more substantial post: is anyone else highly bothered by an MMO doing “double XP/loot/whatever” weekends? I think I’m primarily bothered by it because such events bring “this … Continue reading

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What we can learn as we watch little sprite people burn

Tales of randomness incoming! I’ve been playing Sim City 4 lately. A game released in 2003, that is now on, which was on freaking sale for $5 due to a 75% sale (so to recap: a game from 2003 … Continue reading

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The day the pilot died

Sad to hear Jester is retiring from blogging. His blog quickly shot up to my daily ‘must read’ list, and his content quality and quantity was second-to-none. He was also my easy-access window into the deeper side of EVE design … Continue reading

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