Credit to Massively for this one

Granted, the good stuff is quotes rather than the writing/opinion of Massively, but still, this article about how Das Tal will be better than ArcheAge made me smile.

That said, setting the bar at “better than AA” is like setting a person goal of not killing yourself today; aim a little higher maybe? My dog could launch and run an MMO better than Trion, and my dog is really, really dumb.

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2 Responses to Credit to Massively for this one

  1. carson63000 says:

    Amusing to see a dev so willing to start a beef like that. It’s like reading a Derek Smart post, except he’s abusing his competitors not his potential customers.

    “Better than AA” is a pretty lowly goal .. but I tell you what, I wouldn’t bet a $199 limited “Harbinger” supporter pack on that mob achieving it.

  2. weritsblog says:

    As much as I like some good trash talk, Das Tal looks to be a bit too early to matter. Maybe when they are further along.

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