FFXIV: You know what helps server queues?

A free weekend!

Granted, the queue is generally under a minute, and that’s during primetime, but come on Square, isn’t being the second-biggest real (sub) MMO out enough? Do we really need all those WoW-babies coming back as they grow bored of WoWfarmville?

Also, any chance you can fix the gold spam? Its unreal in FFXIV. Every few minutes :baaring!: gold spam message.

PS: Feels awesome to be playing the game again btw, but more on that ‘soon’.

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5 Responses to FFXIV: You know what helps server queues?

  1. pkudude99 says:

    Kewl. I’ve been playing it a lot in the past couple of months myself. Wasn’t too sure about it at 1st, but it got its hooks in me and won’t let go now. Definitely worth the sub!


  2. Dotcalm says:

    Apparently there’s a setting you can tick where you don’t accept tells from non-FC mates. I just right-click blacklist regularly and that seems to cover it.

    Also, welcome back!

    • MaximGtB says:

      You can also set yourself as /busy, then you won’t receive any tells. Me, I just ignore them. Not even worth the hassle of blacklisting them.

      What I’m surprised about is the fact that you have queues. It’s been a while since I last saw one in Sargatanas.

      • Tehol Bugg says:

        I get queues on Behemoth at least three times a week. They are short though. Max 45 ppl and it takes a second or third login to get through.

  3. John says:

    I am generally not jumping into free weekends, but this one I will jump in for one reason only..I lost the settings of teamspeak from my FFXIV guild. I used to join in and talk with my FFXIV guild even when I was not playing..

    Then I did an emergent format a month ago and lost it… I would pay the 13 euro only if I was sure they still play the game and I would find them..

    Currently I am playing ESO (I didn’t liked it at the start, but wanna give it another try). But if I find my guild and they still play I might add a sub to FFXIV too.

    So free weekends now and there may help to increase subscriptions..and may already helped FFXIV to be in the second place (my last sub came after a free weekend as well).

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