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Dungeon of the Endless review

I picked up Dungeon of the Endless a few days ago, ironically right AFTER it was available for a free weekend on Steam. It’s a rogue-like game somewhat similar to Faster Than Light (FTL), set in the Endless universe (Endless … Continue reading

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GTA V: A monster of quality content

Quick plugs first: The CoC clan has one spot currently open. Anyone with a non-rushed TH7+ that will be active please apply to “Supreme Cream!” and mention the blog. Also the Boom Beach group “Hardcore Casual” has spots open as … Continue reading

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ESO: Well that was quick

The former SOE “F2P ALL THE WAY” train has rolled into the Zenimax station, and all ESO players ‘benefit’. #prayforESO #ESOlivesmatter

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Going oldschool with AoW3

The Age of Wonders 3 play-by-email feature is, surprisingly, a godsend. The core problem with AoW3 multiplayer is that one player’s turn can take a long, long time if you fight multiple battles, while other turns might be very, very … Continue reading

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GTA V: The corpse of the Skyrim UI designer got reanimated I guess?

Making a UI for a game can’t be hard. Now I don’t have personal experience making one, but seeing how often a mod for a game is a UI edit or complete overhaul, I’d bet good money it’s not THAT … Continue reading

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Paying full price, because it won’t be changing anytime soon

Steam has conditioned most of us to wait for sales on anything we feel we can wait for. At the same time, for something like GTA V, which I’m dying to play on the PC, waiting for a while isn’t … Continue reading

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Backer envy and the increased power of your money

Now that Kickstarter has shown it is a very viable wallet-vote platform for delivering excellent games we would not have otherwise gotten, I’m wondering if a general sense of ‘backer-envy’ isn’t something that has happened already, and will continue to … Continue reading

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