CoC: Season 3 stats

(Write-up and stats by Delpez)

Supreme Cream Performance – Season 3

Season 3 is done and dusted – here is a link to the Excel spreadsheet (for best viewing open it as an Excel file):

An explanation of the metrics again:

Wars: The number of wars a player participated in.

Attacked: Was the player attacked or not? This is a yes/no trigger (1 or 0).

Bleeds: How many times a player was attacked over and above the first. So if you are attacked three times in a war, you score two bleeds. This is an indication of how many attacks were wasted on your base.

Holds: How many stars did the player manage to hold onto – if your base was 2-starred at the end of a war you score one hold. If you were not attacked you don’t get any holds, but you’re also not penalized in the normalized numbers.

Overall Closer: The first player to score the highest number of stars against a base will get the closer stars for that base. For example, if player A scores a 2-star and later in the war player B scores a 3-star, B will get three closer stars and A none. However, if B also scored a 2-star, A will get two closer stars (he was first) and B none. Overall Closer just means that all attacks are considered, whether the player attacked up, down or sideways.

Overall All Stars: Adds all the stars a player scored – doesn’t matter if it’s closer, up, down or sideways.

Overall 3 Stars: The total number of 3-stars achieved, irrespective of up, down or sideways.

>= Same Level Closer, All Stars and 3-stars: This tracks exactly the same metrics as before, but you don’t get credit for attacking down.

Attack Down: Tracks the number of times a player attacked bases below his TH level.

MIA: Missing in action – the number of attacks a player has missed.

These numbers are normalized by using the attacked trigger (for defensive stats) and war participation (for offensive stats).

Here are our best performers in each category for Season 3. Note that you had to participate in at least five wars to be considered.


TH8 Bleeds

MattyC 3.00
Nitzerebb 1.71
Ralex 1.70
HelixPenguin 1.50
Redshirt 1.33
RogerRabbit 1.13
Jon 1.00


These are all the TH8s who achieved more than one bleed per war. In other words, are attacked at least twice per war. We have a new champion in this category – opponents really struggled with MattyC’s base. His Bleeds are almost double the next best!


TH9 Bleeds

Alistair 1.70
Saate 1.40
Syn Alt 1.29
Animal Al 1.17
Claud 1.00
SOBGrunt 0.90


This shows all the TH9s with more than 0.8 bleeds per war. It’s getting harder to make this list – previously all the TH9s with more than 0.5 bleeds were on it. Also interesting to note that our TH8 and TH9 bleeds are getting closer (if you disregard MattyC). In the past our TH8s scored a lot more bleeds than the TH9s.


TH8 Holds

Zelazny 0.38
Sunette29 0.33
RogerRabbit 0.25


These numbers are much lower than in Season 2. RogerRabbit is the only player on both the Bleed and Hold lists. The Hold numbers suggest that opponents are finding it easier to 3-star our TH8s. This probably corresponds to Dark Spell donations and the extra attack time that provided a huge boost to TH8 war attacks.

TH9 Holds

Delpez13 1.00
Mikrakov 0.89
Jonneh 0.80
The Trufflepig 0.78
Kryss 0.70
SOBGrunt 0.70
Syncaine 0.67
JHO 0.63


These are the TH9 players with 0.6 or more holds per war. The numbers are also lower than previous seasons, which seems to indicate that attacks have become easier. SOBGrunt is the only player who appears on both the Hold and Bleed lists.


TH8 Total Closer

MattyC 3.90
Sunette29 3.50
Gormn 3.00
Zelazny 2.63


TH8s who scored more than 2.5 closer stars per war. Note that a number of new TH8s were excluded (they spend most of the season at TH7). Also, Caldazar averaged 5.0 closer stars per war, but only participated in three wars. Not only did MattyC top the Bleed list, his also our #1 as far as TH8 closer stars are concerned.

At TH9 I use the attacking down statistic to separate players who do a lot of cleaning up from those who predominantly attack other TH9s. For this season the cut-off is at 20% attacks against lower level bases.

Rookie TH9 Total Closer

Lui Klea 3.30
Vorash 3.10
Alistair 2.80
Animal Al 2.50


The table shows TH9s who hit down more than 20% of the time and scored more than 2.5 closer stars per war. Well done Lui!

Veteran TH9 Total Closer

Ranez 3.43
Jonneh 3.40
JHO 3.25
Syncaine 3.22
Kryss 3.20
Saate 3.20
Delpez13 3.17


TH9s who don’t hit down often and scored more than 3 closer stars – Ranez takes the honors here.


TH8 Same Level Stars/Attack

MattyC 2.53
Sunette29 2.42
Ellroy 2.25
Gormn 2.00
Zelazny 2.00


TH8 players with an average of more than 2 stars against TH8 bases. The same three players also topped the Closer table, with MattyC taking the honors again. As stated before, you really should be able to average 2 stars against other TH8 bases, or TH9 will be really tough.

TH9 Same Level Stars/Attack

Ranez 2.31
Jonneh 2.10
Malcolm 2.10
Delpez13 2.08
Lui Klea 2.07


Players who average more than 2 stars against TH9 opponents; well done to Ranez for also topping this list!


A comparison of some important numbers for Seasons 1, 2 & 3. First up the TH8’s:

TH8 Benchmark

S1 S2 S3
Bleeds 1.54 1.37 1.16
Holds 0.24 0.33 0.11
Closer 2.15 2.33 2.70
Ave Stars against TH8 1.80 1.90 1.97
Ave 3-stars against TH8 0.32 0.37 0.40


Defensive stats have declined quite a bit, probably because offence was boosted. This might also have influenced our offensive stats. It’s worth noting that the active TH8s are getting fewer as they graduate to TH9. With less players these numbers might not mean much in a season or two.

The TH9 comparison between Seasons 1, 2 & 3 looks as follows:

TH9 Benchmark

S1 S2 S3
Bleeds 0.53 0.40 0.71
Holds 0.61 0.64 0.50
Closer 2.78 2.61 2.58
Ave Stars against TH9 1.54 1.65 1.74
Ave 3-stars against TH9 0.12 0.17 0.22


Bleeds are up and Holds are down, meaning that our TH9s are being attacked more and are hanging on to fewer stars. Closer stars are down a bit, but that is probably a function of the big increase in TH8 closer stars – our TH9’s don’t have to attack down as often as before. Average stars against TH9 bases, as well as the number of 3-stars are still on the rise. Next season should give more clarity on whether this is a result of the changes to the game, or if we are really improving.

Congratulations to everybody who made these lists. Please remember to follow the link to benchmark your performance against the top players at your TH level.

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10 Responses to CoC: Season 3 stats

  1. Ranez says:

    Hours spent researching attack strats seem to be paying off! Now I just need to make my base harder….

  2. Ralex says:

    Delpez, thanks for all the hard work putting this together.

  3. Caldazar says:

    I should’ve timed my th9 upgrade better and waited a few more wars so it would’ve made sense to include me :p

  4. Mikrakov says:

    Nice work once again Delpez, although I’ve gone from topping season 1 to not appearing in the list this time :( Need to rethink my tactics I think.

    • Jonneh says:

      My score is elevated because I had a few internet bases

    • Delpez says:

      I think a 3-star attack against an unscouted max TH9 is very hard. Unless the base is obviously flawed (4 corners this last war). I’ve decided to go for a solid 2-star with a chance of a 3-star. This means GoWiPe(Wi) with a queen walk or hog/loon snipe, rather than a full hog, laloon or another 3-star attack. Second attack on scouted bases is when I try to be more adventurous. This tactic scores at least 2 closer stars every war, sometimes five or six.

      Other than that, 10 wars is not really that many – if you go through a bad streak it is hard to catch up. Regardless, this season you started like a house on fire: 10 closer stars in 2 wars – no need to change your tactics!

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