EVE: So effecient

99.9% ISK efficiency is good, right?

First Super kills, felt good. Was lucky to jump into that fleet too as I had just finished up some Total War: Warhammer, and when that game is in full screen it blocks Jabber.

I guess the story is Tishu got baited and lost 255b ISK worth of ships. We got there a little late and only got on two of the eight kills. Still worth the short trip of course, and a fun way to cap off the night.

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  1. I was out last night and saw the pings for that when I got home. I was too late, but some nice kills.

  2. Until killboards switch to the Gevlon method of isk efficiency calculation I can only laugh at anyone that is proud of a green killboard. (This is a complaint about killboards in general, not about your prestations.)
    Anything under 90% is just horrible. (Yes I am at 88.84% on my PvE character and 90.21% on my ‘pvp’ alt)

    • Raelyf says:

      Yeah, ISK efficiency is an utterly worthless number. Lost a dozen battleships ratting in belts, but shot dying titan in a rookie ship? 99.9% success!

      I don’t know what the Gevlon method is, but I’ve never been able to figure out why killboards don’t split the value of a kill between the parties involved. Not doing so made that super-carrier kill worth nearly 7 trillion isk across killboard stats. Absurd.

  3. @raziel walker – I wrote a post ages ago, long before Gevlon, about how kill board green is silly because only one person is on the death side of a kill mail, but hundreds can be on the killing side.

    But Gevlon’s calculation leaves out support roles, as he only cares about damage on target. On Saturday my damage during one fight was minimal, but my jamming the opposing FC probably enabled our lopsided victory. How do you calculate that into the mix? How do you account for the hero tackler who holds down an enemy fleet? And then there is the long ignore logi role. In Gevlon’s world, those people suck. Good luck without them though.

    Anyway, what SynCaine probably should have said was “98.3% ISK efficiency is good, right?” and referenced the battle report he linked in the last paragraph. That is where a green kill board tells a tale.

    • Oh yeah, this isn’t my site, I suppose I could have done a direct reply. Oh well.

    • SynCaine says:

      Wait are you saying something Gevlon wrote about EVE was about as useful and informed as a tackle titan fit or a ‘New Jita’ prediction? Get out of town!

      • He was, as always, rather focused on a single aspect of the equation.

        Next time you’re in an Asher fleet, ask him about running an armor doctrine with each ship mounting a remote repper so it doesn’t need to bring logi along. Even the wise have to learn.

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