Mount and Blade: Bannerlord siege

I mean… why are you not taking my money already? I’ve been hyped for a lot of games over the years, I don’t know that any matches Bannerlord, in large part because I’ve played Warband more than any non-MMO game ever, and by a long shot.

What sucks is I know its going to get delayed. And even after the delays, its not going to be in the shape we all want it in. And even after that, it will be some time before the truly game-changing mods arrive.

And I don’t care. I just want to play Bannerlord, warts and bugs and all.

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  1. Griddlebone says:

    Really hope the modding and multiplayer support is good enough to take Persistent World etc. to the next level; M&B combat might finally get the multiplayer it deserves. I know you’re essentially exclusively single player for M&B, but if they can really unleash modding then MP and SP should benefit enormously this time round.

    What a teasing trailer though – the cynic in me wants to say that all we saw was a lot of recycled tech (e.g. artillery and pre-coded wall weak points have been in since Napoleonic Wars) that hasn’t really dealt with the issues M&B had, but the hype is very real.

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