EVE: Lets check in on the insane asylum

This is some solid reading about World War Bee. So good in fact, that village idiot and master of the tinfoil hat, Gevlon, is back raging about EVE. Guess his self-imposed ban on posting about that terrible, terrible game EVE that made him rage-quit isn’t going so well.

A lot of people, especially A LOT of goons, and even CCP, are entertained by Gevlon in the same way that people are entertained by reality TV; you get an incredibly detailed view into the mind of a loon, all from a safe distance away from the actual madness. It’s not my cup of tea, especially because between the insanity Gevlon also has a real bad habit of editing his posts and comments after the fact to make himself look better (which is pretty impressive considering the madness that he leaves up), but entertainment-via-insanity clearly works for a solid amount of people. It would work even better if his blog wasn’t a dumpster fire in terms of format to better find the ‘entertainment’, but my guess is that’s by design.

For those who missed it, Gevlon’s history in EVE was predictably sad. How sad? Here is a post from 2012 that is, to this day, accurate in everything but recapping his latest failure. (Want more? Search “Gevlon” in my search bar. I just spent almost an hour entertaining myself. Rohk mining fleet! Link Titans!)

That failure, spending 700b ISK over a long period of time to be more than a gnat in his ‘war’ (read: provide in-game entertainment for Goons along with his out-of-game contributions), lead to nothing. MoA, the one group shameless enough to accept Gevlon ISK, was never even a big enough threat to The Imperium to be taken into consideration, let alone worth a coordinated reaction. Sure, they killed Imperium ships, enough so that Gevlon was convinced to keep spending ISK, but in all that time literally nothing changed for The Imperium. Laughs were had, and that’s about it.

The event that got Gevlon to really rage quit, other than CCP joining in on laughing at his madness (credit where credit is due, getting a major dev like Falcon from CCP to acknowledge your tinfoil asshattery is impressive, even if it did take 4 years of rambling), was that someone who actually had enough ISK to matter, Lenny, did what Gevlon had been trying and failing at; hire enough people to hurt The Imperium.

And as you can see from the linked posts, Gevlon isn’t taking this well. This exchange is classic Gevlon (edited down, but the entire thing is worth a read if Gevlon hasn’t deleted it yet):

Gevlon: you have no evidence that you financed a “pack of wolves”. Can you link alliance leaders saying “we joined the MBC because Lenny paid us?”

Lenny: If you want I can pull the transaction history off of Nigerian Banker Prince (my IWI banker alt). You will see that I did indeed pay all of them, every week for 5-6 months (give or take a few alliances as some came on earlier than other and some left earlier than others).

It’s classic Gevlon because he is talking about something way over his head (actions that actually impact null, and the workings of major factors), and after Lenny tried to be nice and explain things (below quote), Gevlon doubled down on his madness and got his ass handed to him:

Lenny: “I can understand where you are coming from but in all honesty, I had only read your blog a few times. I knew who you were and you were financing the fight on Goons for years.

The biggest thing is that when I looked at this problem, I probably came to the same conclusion you did but in a different manner. I would give you credit for seeing things first but sadly, you were not spark that got this rolling.

Also, I will give MOA and you a lot of credit for keeping up with hitting Goons. The biggest problem though is that the damage was not enough for Goons to really care. If you get bit by a mosquito, even a few times every day, it will still be an annoyance. However, when you get hit by a pack of wolves from all directions, each taking a chunk out of you….you probably wont make it.”

Most people would walk away at this point, but Gevlon isn’t most people, and his tinfoil hat is far too thick for that anyway. Here is conspiracy victim Gevlon at his finest. You see dear reader, Lenny is just rewriting history to replace Gevlon with himself. Sure, Lenny had real ISK and Gevlon was a badger-hauler, but whatever. Sure Lenny was respected enough to be able to contact groups in Null that matter like MC while MoA was the best that Gevlon could afford, but whatever. Gevlon knows ‘the truth’, and the truth is that World War Bee is all his fine work, even if he wasn’t in his tackle titan during the key battles.

As I said before, I generally don’t find his inane ramblings entertaining, but the above? That’s grade-A entertainment, even I must admit, so thanks again for your contributions to EVE Gevlon, hopefully you do come back and give us more!

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6 Responses to EVE: Lets check in on the insane asylum

  1. zaphod6502 says:

    I am not sure what is worse – reading a Gevlon blog or a Tobold blog. Pity the Internet for giving a voice to these cretins.

    • Ciaphas Cain says:

      I really dont see any probem with the blogs of either Gevlon or Tobold, both are pretty entertaining wich is the purpose that I visit any blog (almost all websites I do visit are for entertainement), what I sometimes have a problem is when on the comments I see someone actually agreing and going all for that madness (mainly Gevlon, Tobold is more low key on this) without even pausing to think.

  2. Entertainment. This is why I totally favor Gevlon over Tobold. Also, less pouting and more anger.

    Plus Tobold never calls me a genius.

    • Owen Wells says:

      Pretty sure he only called you that because he thought you were agreeing with him though.

      • Technically, he said that because my joking line of thought opened up a whole new narrative vista for him to pursue. Plus I am pretty sure he was exaggerating for emphasis, one of his common traits. I will go back to being a moron and/or slacker once this passes.

        TL;DR – Ya think?!?!

        • Owen Wells says:

          Lol, true dat!!

          But on a more serious note I hadn’t read that latest blog of his before I commented, man his persecution complex is really getting out of control.

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