Over two years playing Clash of Clans!

I have now been playing and blogging about Clash of Clans for over two years (first post using the CoC tag is dated June 11th, 2014), and I just now hit Town Hall 10 on my main account. The funny/sad/good part is that TH10 isn’t even the top anymore, as SuperCell added TH11 somewhat recently.

I made the move up to TH10 with more than half my walls maxed for TH9, my AQ at 30, and my King at 25. Initially I was going to get the king to 30, which would have meant most if not all of my walls were also maxed, but considering how much research is required at TH10 (over a year straight at this point I believe), and the fact that our clan needs more TH10 players to help balance us out, I made the jump a little bit earlier than planned.

Its a bit surprising that in the last two+ years, CoC has been my most consistent game. LoL is close, but I’ve recently greatly reduced my time with the game, especially ranked play. In a lot of ways CoC scratches the itch that MMOs occupied in the past. It’s an enjoyable progression ‘grind’, its PvP, and it has a fairly strong social aspect both around clan management and also clan wars. Plus right now I get my truly ‘massive’ content from EVE, where joining fleets is easy and frequent, with everything else handled for me.

CoC is also a consistent time sink, one that you can adjust as needed. If I have more time, I can do more farming which speeds up progression a bit. If I don’t, I can simply collect resources and participate in clan wars, which slows progress but doesn’t mean a total stop, plus I can still experience the best part of the game (clan wars). Much like an MMO, the game is constantly being updated, both in terms of balance and also for new content. I mentioned the addition of TH11, but between the major updates smaller stuff still gets added, which usually changes up the meta and gives you new ‘stuff’ to upgrade.

Our clan, “Supreme Cream!”, currently has a few open spots, so if you are interesting in joining, either as an existing player looking for a consistent war clan, or someone totally new looking to get into CoC, look us up and mention the blog.

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