BB down, CR and CoC way up!

My three main mobile games update time.

First the bad news; we are on break from Boom Beach. We lost a few key members over the last few weeks, and many of us had reached the cap in terms of offensive power growth. Replacing people was getting harder and harder, and without a major shakeup to the game (the new event where you face player bases is very eh), it just kinda got boring.

Its also one of the flaws of BB that, unlike Clash of Clans or Clash Royale, BB is ultimately a PvE game, and PvE gets boring much faster than PvP when you have to repeat the same stuff over and over. I’m not fully writing the game off as a major update could bring me back, and Supercell has a good history of doing just that. On the downside, with BB being the third wheel at Supercell, it might be some time until that big update hits.

In happier news, Clash Royale got easily its best updates recently. First was a great tourney event where you picked one card out of an option of two, four times (half a deck), and your opponent got the other card. It was a tourney so card levels were set, and the event didn’t require you to own the card to be able to play it. It was awesome fun in-house, and also against other people. That style really needs to be a permanent feature of the game!

The other addition was the clan chest. The way this works is every crown you earn goes towards the clan chest, and the more crowns everyone earns in a week, the bigger the chest everyone gets (the chest has 10 levels, each level requiring more crowns). A nice detail is that even if your personal crown chest isn’t up, winning still contributes clan crowns, and we have a few people in our clan SERIOUSLY grinding crowns, which is awesome. Its also just a general fun thing to work towards as a group, and lets me see who is active and who isn’t for easier roster cleanup. I’m having more fun with CR today than I’ve had since its release.

Finally, Clash of Clans recently release an update as well, that added new troop levels and defensive building changes. Not a huge update, but still something new to work towards, and a meta shift is always fun in CoC.

Also I’m not sure if they changed the war match formula, but for a while now every one of our wars have been really good, including our last that came down to destruction % (sadly we lost by a tiny margin on the final attack). A while back war matching was really hit or miss, and it wasn’t all that rare to have a war be a total mismatch, but lately that simply hasn’t been the case, which is pretty awesome.

As always, if you would like to join us in CoC or CR (BB on hold), apply to “Supreme Cream!” and mention the blog.

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  1. tsuhelm says:

    Agree so much about CR, was great to finally have a reason to play :) CoC (I am in a small Brit alliance) has also got interesting… way to go SUPERCELL :)

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