Quick little update

While the rest of the world is stuck at home, I’m stuck at home and swamped with work due to Covid-19. It could be worse, of course, but it could be better too.

Anyway on the gaming front, I’m loving the recent Rimworld expansion, Royalty. The key problem with games like Rimworld is once you master them, playing again becomes too routine. The best thing about Royalty is how much it mixed things up via its quests and the needs or royals. It’s a great addition on top of the excellent base game.

On the mobile front I’m still very much into Mighty Party, as I still find the combat system really fun and there are lots of different varieties to it. The guild is doing really well too, with a solid active core that has so far performed well during Turf Wars. We have a couple of open spots, so if you are interested message me in-game under ID IXBZHG.

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  1. Jonneh says:

    Another good thing about games like Rimworld is the ability to mod it. Kenshi has become extremely easy for me now but I can make a few changes in the editor and it becomes a lot harder all of a sudden.

    I’ve only played with it a little bit but the campaign editor in Rimworld seems to have a ton of stuff you can implement that changes how you need to play completely.

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