Mount and Blade: Bannerlord is finally here!

Exactly ten years after the release of Warband, the Bannerlord Early Access starts today. Expect some posts about it assuming I can stop playing it long enough to write something.

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4 Responses to Mount and Blade: Bannerlord is finally here!

  1. Carl says:

    Never played any prior version, but the launch trailer is great (to me, at least).

    Will keep checking to read your thoughts about it as an experienced player.

  2. Mark says:

    You seem to be playing mighty party right now……. :P

    • SynCaine says:

      The PC version is much faster paced than iPhone, its pretty crazy. Also much easier to multi-task with MP than Bannerlord for work.

      • darkaine2 says:

        I can understand that! Looking forward to the write up, I got the 1st one based on your posts but never could quite get into it but this looks solid.

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