Mixing the new with the old

Since the last post here, and its been a minute, I have been playing a solid mix of new and old titles. The new being Monster Train and Armello, while the old includes League of Legends, PUBG, and Rimworld. Mobile gaming continues to consist of three titles, Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, and Mighty Party.

I think this is the ‘new normal’ in gaming, where a player will have a few consistent titles to return to, while mixing in new offerings as interest arises. I think business models have adapted to this new reality as well; games that are designed for the long-haul like LoL or PUBG feature season passes or in-game shops, and for me at least both games have long since crosses the $100+ mark in terms of spending. At a dollars/hr rate, they are still both amazing values. My mobile spending is similar, and again I consider that money well-spent.

At the same time I don’t think playing a few titles for years has really impacted my interest in new releases. When something new pops up, like most recently Monster Train, that title will cut into the time I would normally play my core games, and as the new title fades, more time is returned to the core. A big reason this works is because both LoL and PUBG can be played in bursts if you so wish, and while playing more leads to higher ranks or better results, they are very easy to return to. That again is by design.

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7 Responses to Mixing the new with the old

  1. Gyorgy Boda says:

    Played Armello a while and for me it was very underwhelming. Also tried in multi, but it didn’t cut it. Shame because at first glance it looked a decent game.

    • SynCaine says:

      I got it for the multi, its fun but a little too random and the matching taking over an hour is hard to fit in. Plus PUBG came back around and that drew the people we were playing Armello all into it.

  2. Kyle Mueller says:

    Finally bit the bullet and got into CoC a monthish ago. Any room in the clan? I just got to TH9, been slow going since I’ve tried to keep everything upgraded before raising TH level. I’ve just been in a rando clan up until now.

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