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Old game review; Warcraft 3 and Defense of the Ancients.

Zubon from Kill Ten Rats asks bloggers to review older games, in part for nostalgia, and also to see if we can learn any design lessons from them. I’m going to cheat and review Defense of the Ancients, which is … Continue reading

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Focus = Fun?

Lately my MMO gaming time has been down a bit, mostly due to DoTA, but also from the fact that currently I’m only actively playing LoTRO, and that’s with Aria, so we don’t log in a ton of hours each … Continue reading

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Monday Update, keeping it short.

Stupid busy Monday = no blog time. Not much to report over the weekend really, just some more quality time with LoTRO, finished up the Greater Barrows with the help of our Kin. We made two trips with a level … Continue reading

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