Monday Update, keeping it short.

Stupid busy Monday = no blog time.

Not much to report over the weekend really, just some more quality time with LoTRO, finished up the Greater Barrows with the help of our Kin. We made two trips with a level 50, so they were a cakewalk, but still really fun to see the place and the encounters. Hopefully before we out-level it too much a kin will need help and we will get into a full group with correct levels. GB is a fun challenge, and I would hate to miss out.

Other than that, a lot of time was spent playing DoTA on in the TDA channel. It’s really amazing how deep that game is, and how much more enjoyable it continues to get. How no one has taken that game and made it into a full retail product like CS is beyond me, as it’s a gold mine just waiting for someone to tap.

Hopefully more tomorrow, till then, happy gaming.

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