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Blizzard confirms that Blizzard stinks now

It took longer than I expected, but Blizzard has announced that Heroes of the Storm’s days are numbered. I’m sure all three current players are very disappointed. The news is significant for one major reason; this is the first time … Continue reading

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Gaming is pretty great right now

The “Gaming is in a great spot right now” trend continues, at least outside the MMO space (and in that too, if you happen to be flying a spaceship), so lets talk about a few of the items. Overall if … Continue reading

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Burnout is a myth

When WoW was declining due to one crappy expansion after another featuring accessibility-inspired dumbing down, some people tried to write this off as not being about the content, but just due to ‘burnout’. They would have you believe that after … Continue reading

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So dumbed down its just dumb

There is a good post and fun comments thread over at K&G about Blizzard’s upcoming League of Legend’s clone (get it), Heroes of the Storm. Here is Keen’s basic statement of the game: Heroes of the Storm is, essentially, a … Continue reading

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I find it really sad how the dominance of World of Warcraft has led so many people to believe that the way WoW does it is the only possible way to make a MMORPG.

I still don’t have an answer for how SWTOR will do. But increasingly I think the playerbase for MMOs won’t ever let another game do a WoW, they just have lost the patience we used to have for long term … Continue reading

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Breaking news: Games pitched as MMOs are not actually MMOs!

Borderlands is more of an MMO than Global Agenda. It has a bigger “open world”, a longer character progression path, more itemization, more quests, more lore, etc. Both games are limited in how many people can be in one area, … Continue reading

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LoL-cloning should be amusing

Attempting to clone LoL has been the FOTM in the gaming industry ever since Riot started seeing it’s amazing success. Luckily for most dev studios LoL is not an MMO, but the fact that it is a PvP game will … Continue reading

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I’m back, and the games I’m playing

Finally back from vacation. The plan to blog while there did not exactly work out (you might have noticed), but the blogging break was nice as well. I’ve got the “how to get RPG players who turn to MMOs into … Continue reading

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The future of DarkFall.

During my week of vacation Aventurine was busy on the forums making posts about upcoming changes to DarkFall, along with a new initiative to drive more developer-player interaction as related to the design of the game. They also gave more … Continue reading

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Wolves and Sheep

With the release of Darkfall, the terms ‘wolves’ and ‘sheep’ have been thrown around frequently on forums and blogs. I figured this might be a good time to dig a bit deeper and try to find out just who really … Continue reading

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