Weekend Update.

Finally a normal weekend, meaning a decent amount of time spent gaming. Along with EVE Online and LoTRO, a buddy brought over his Xbox 360 and we played some Gears of War and Blitz, The League. Gears is a great game; top notch graphics, good controls, solid cover system, and playing the campaign co-op is a good way to kill a few hours. Blitz on the other hand was eh at best. The graphics did not impress, it does not have the NFL license, and it tries way too hard to be ‘cool’. Above all else, the controls just don’t deliver and half the time the game seems to be playing itself. Considering we were playing 1v1, the bread and butter mode of Blitz, I would have to say the game is a disappointment, especially considering how fun the original Blitz was.

On the online front, my time in EVE is going along nicely. My Destroyer is a very noticeable upgrade over a Frigate, and having 8 guns on it leads to a LOT of firepower. I have it outfitted with 4 long range weapons, and 4 short range ones, giving the ship some nice flexibility. So far no level 1 mission has really proven that challenging when using it, although a mission called “Worlds Collide” was indeed a challenge due to the fact you are forced to use a frigate. My Merlin was able to get through, although with a few close calls when facing 1v5 situations. Currently I’ve taken a small break from the Learning skills to get my Social skills up a few levels, in order to gain standing quicker through Agent missions. I think what has impressed me most about EVE so far is the fact I learn something new about the game each time I log on, whether it be from a new item drop off a pirate or a new type of mission from an agent, I often find myself asking questions in the “Rookie Help” channel, and usually getting a helpful answer.


As for LoTRO, a few more quests completed in the North Downs, along with one frustrating encounter. The frustration stems from a quest involving a master elite Brood Mother, sporting a cool 11k hp. The quest is level 33, and marked as a group quest in the quest log. Generally ‘group’ quests involve elite mobs, not master elites. There was nothing to indicate that this quest really did require a full group, and not just 2-3 players, and somehow that just does not seem right. Having spent a decent amount of time fighting our way up to the Brood Mother, it was frustrating to click and see that 11k laughing at you. Sadly we could not gather more party members for the quest, and instead had to call it a night. It would be wise for Turbine to creating another quest rank for Master Elite mobs, as they require far more firepower to take down than normal and elite mobs. As someone who consistently plays LoTRO with his GF, we can generally handle elite mobs close to our level, but even gray master elite would give us trouble. It would be nice to know from the get go that we should find a full group or skip a master elite quest.   

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3 Responses to Weekend Update.

  1. CrazyKinux says:

    Lucky you! This past week-end was busy as hell with RL events and so is the next. Won’t have enough time to give EVE the hours it deserves.

    On the mission sides of thing, I remember do “Worlds Collide” way back when, using a Daredevil (that I’ve lost since then). You can read about it here!

    Happy hunting rats!

  2. syncaine says:

    You lost your Daredevil? Thats a limited edition ship right, one that you can’t get anymore? What happened?

  3. CrazyKinux says:

    Lost it during a PVP incident. Was devastated for days….

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