PotBS this weekend, along with some EVE time.

Pirates open beta/stress test is going down this weekend, looking forward to it. Not so much because I’ve been really looking forward to Pirates, but just to try it and see what all the hype is about. I honestly have no clue whether I will like it or not, and unless it blows me away I don’t plan on buying it. EVE and EQ2 are keeping me busy as it is.

Speaking of EVE, my wallet is up to 50 million ISK, only another 100 million or so before I can buy a Rohk battleship. It’s going to take a bit of training to get that ship up and running, but at least the short term goal of getting one is getting closer. I also have close to 300 random fittings sitting around waiting to be sold, which I plan to get to this weekend.

The Ferox has been doing a nice job on most level 3 missions, and I might play around with a passive shield tanking setup this weekend, something along the lines of 3 large shield extenders and a few shield rechargers with some PDUs. Curious to see how it works. Currently I have an active tank going, and that works well for most missions. The only time I get into trouble is when a fight goes for long periods of time with sustained dps, then the capacitor gives out and I usually have to warp out. I figure with a solid passive tank, that won’t be the case. The only other issue with the Ferox is that with five 250mm turrets, each mission eats ammo like crazy. I recently bought 20,000 rounds of medium anti-matter ammo, which should last me for a while, but transporting it with the hauler and finding a good price delays actually running missions. All issues aside, still having a great time in New Eden.

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