No go on Pirates, EVE cherries.

I wish I could give some comments on Pirates this morning, but it seems the stress test filled up rather quickly Friday night. I’m still not sure what kind ‘stress test” you can have when you limit the amount of people playing that greatly, but I guess that’s why the game is not coming out till late January.

One more point, it would have been nice of Fileplanet to inform people that they were out of account keys BEFORE you had to download the 4+ gigabit file; nothing like downloading for close to 5 hours and installing a game only to find out that you can’t play. Nice first impression for a game that is desperately hanging on to some sort of spotlight, and now one that will be crushed a month after release by WAR.

Moving on to games that I actually could play, I had a fairly successful weekend in EVE. The bank account is sitting around 70 million ISK, and I’m currently selling a good amount of items on the market to get more. Hopefully once everything is sold, I will be at or over 100 million. I also finished a nice 10 part level 3 Storyline mission sequence, completing the final mission with some help from a fellow Corp member who almost lost his tech 2 Cruiser. (Thanks again Reddice) Part 10 consisted of 8-9 Raven battleships, along with a slew of Battlecruisers and other ships split into two groups. The mission states you can rush in and go for a quick kill of the control tower and warp out, but that seemed a bit risky, so instead I called in some help and just cleared the entire area. At 1.2 million per battleship, the bounty money was great. Speaking of killing Battleships, I got my first solo kill on a Scorpion in an earlier mission. As Reddice put it, I finally ‘popped my cherry’, although I still need to kill ANYONE in PvP, but I’m guessing that will come shortly, especially as our Corp draws closer to moving into low sec space.

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