Ding 70, now what?

Over the weekend my girlfriend and I both hit 70 in WoW, marking the first time she has ever hit the cap in an MMO. It’s somewhat bittersweet of course, as part of the fun in WoW is gaining xp and unlocking new skills. On the other hand, being at the cap means all basic ‘end game’ stuff is open to us, giving us lots of content options. We are looking forward to running the level 70 5 mans, along with all of the heroics of former instances. I’ll also be doing a bit of PvP, which is something she avoids. Between the .5 set and the increased rate of acquiring badges of honor, getting to a reasonable gear level for PvP should be somewhat easy.

Oddly enough, we accomplished hitting 70 before ever completing a quest in Shadowmoon, Blades Edge, or Netherstorm, and we still have a few random quests in Nagrand. Is that normal, or is the fact that we ended up running 5 mans often the reason we capped before entering those zones? The plan is to still experience the remaining zones, if perhaps skipping some of the more tedious quests. Ahead of us is of course the grind to 5000g for an epic flying mount, and I personally would still like to get to 375 enchanting. That said, not a major rush on either goal, and both will be worked on as we continue to quest.

The only remaining question now is how long WoW will hold our attention at 70. The delay of WAR certainly creates a lengthy window, and the unfortunate timing of the LoTRO expansion delays the return to that game. Will the AoC open beta change anything? I’m guessing EVE will creep back into the picture now that the need to cap in WoW has been meet, but first I need to get over my on-again off-again tendency to play DoTA over B.net.

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  1. Bonedead says:

    Congrats and good luck to you both! I always seem to stall once I reach max level, odd how that works.

  2. Graktar says:

    It’s not that unusual to hit 70 with the high level zones untouched, especially if you had a lot of rested xp. Doing dungeons a lot would definitely contribute to that. Luckily for you, it means you have piles and piles of quests to do in order to earn gold for the epic flyers. Quests are by far the best way to do it, and regular quests are more interesting than daily quests (plus also sometimes offer item rewards = even more money).

    In no particular order, I recommend you visit the level 70 instances at least once, visit all the BC instances on heroic at least once, pvp for fun not gear, earn that epic flyer and joyfully fly around, and then stop. Everything past that is just a grind for better gear. The epic flyer is a huge grind, but if you can quest most of the way it’s not too bad, and it’s the biggest upgrade in the game (so actually worth it).

    I made the mistake of continuing to play after doing all those things, and I’m so burned out on and annoyed at WoW right now I don’t know if I’ll even buy the xpac. Too much effort for too little reward is the motto for WoW endgame. Granted the latest patch adds a lot of huge rewards, but it was too little too late for me. My account expired today . . . woo!

  3. thallian says:

    Grats ter both o yer! I actually thought the game was pretty fun at level cap but only if you have good friends to do things with. My advice is play with friends, and if you don’t have some, make some :) I loved doing the smaller instances for a while, and pvp can usually keep your attention pretty well, at least until AoC comes out :)

  4. thallian says:

    @graktar: grats to you too lol :P

  5. Anonymous says:

    Yeah it’s normal to get to 70 without completing a lot of zones. Back when I still played, my mage hit level 70 when I had completed about 90% of the quests in Terokkar — basically I had a few Terokkar quests left to do, and all of Nagrand, Blade’s Edge, Netherstorm, and Shadowmoon left.

    It’s probably due to the fact that I ran instances so much with a core group of people. We were an awesome team, so it was fun doing them.

  6. Mallika says:

    That anonymous comment above was mine. :P

  7. Joro says:

    When I leveled up my second 70 I also dinged in the middle of Nagrand (which is my favourite area btw). Getting to 70 “early” is just a sign of you playing a healthy share of instances. I pretty much agree with Grak aswell, do all instances at least once, and keep away for the dailies (if you don’t got your mind set on getting rep that is), you might want to try raiding once just to realize it’s nothing for sane people. Remember that instance runs give good gold aswell, and after you get that 5k mount you’ll get the feeling that you beat the game. Stay as long as you have fun.

    I took my warrior to 70, got my netherdragon, leveled blacksmithing to 375, gave away all my gold, quit, then restarted on a new game called NE Druid. I don’t understand how I still can enjoy this crap :P

  8. Murtagg says:

    Yeah, i feel your pain. Im gionna ding 70 tonite and i have no clue wat to do lol… hope i dont get burned out on it.

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