Graphics don’t age like wine.

Plenty of people have already broken down every single frame and image of Diablo3, so I won’t go into it here save for two concerns:

1)      It looks good (but not Crysis amazing) now, but given that it won’t be released for a good bit, will it still look good at release?

2)      Is it not a bit too early to start hyping a game so far from release, especially when you have StarCraft2 and a WoW expansion still unreleased?

Now that said, I’m still very much looking forward to 2010 and D3. I’m glad they kept the camera angle the same, and the basic gameplay (mass murder) similar as well. No need to reinvent the wheel, a fresh coat of Blizzard paint will do.

It’s been a slow week in LoTRO land for Aria and I, just not much time to play. We are approaching level 30, and currently questing in the North Downs, a zone I overall like. We still need to finish the final part of book 2, as well as getting into a GA group at some point. Overall though, our second time in LoTRO is another very enjoyable ride.

As for EVE, I actually put in some time and got stuff in order. I picked up about 20 or so new skill books from the Dresi academy for my combat pilot, and started training them up. Knowing I will need good drone support if I intend to solo level 4 missions in my Rohk, that’s become a new training goal. I still need to finish up a few skills in order to use tech II large hybrid guns, but that goal is not far off. Not wanting to rush in too fast, I took on a few level 3 missions using the Rohk, but it was more overkill than I remembered it being. Guess an extra 8-9 million skill points help. Wanting to focus on the combat pilot, my miner is going to be reduced to mission junk recycler, as well as mass producer of ammo. I figure once I start knocking out level 4 missions, the ISK fill flow and I’ll finally be able to afford that Hulk the miner still needs. Perhaps once he has that, I might go on an asteroid murder spree and get back into the production game.

Oh, and I am currently looking for a Corp for my combat pilot. 15 million skills, looking to run level 4 missions and also do some Faction Warfare. I play casually, so won’t be able to make any required fleet ops or anything, but could work my schedule to make an event or two. I would prefer a Corp near the Kador region, but if someone has transportation, I would be willing to relocate. Anyone got anything?

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6 Responses to Graphics don’t age like wine.

  1. nuyan says:

    Only if you’re Amarrian.

    As for graphics. Depends on what kind of game it is really. I think Diablo II still looks fine, unlike the average shooter from 2000.

  2. Swift Voyager says:

    As for Eve corps that are great for casual players, I was in one called Black Lion Legion for a long time. They do quite a bit of industry and mission running. They’re based in Hahda system, which is in Amarr space. They have freighter transport if you ask really nice. They have a public chat called -BLL- which is active all the time and they use it as their main coms channel. Join the channel and talk to them, then you can decide if they sound right for you or not. The only time I ever saw them stop recruiting was during a war dec. I know I enjoyed Eve most when I was playing with that group.

  3. Rog says:

    On graphics: Some are timeless. I still play Joust and marvel at the style of those 16-colour pixels.

    On the hype of Diablo 3:

    Blizzard works on an overlap principle with their fans and their games. Hyping one is very likely to bring their fanbase right back to their other games.

    I don’t really understand the workings behind the phenomenon myself, but it’s hard to argue with their ability to sell games. They generally have good quality, but I’m not always blown away so enjoying one doesn’t make me assume I’ll love the next, or that I’ll revisit the previous. AFAIK none of the Diablo 1 / 2 team is working on Diablo 3, so to me the excitement comes across like brandname worship, especially since I think Blizzard has become so much of a machine.

  4. Talyn says:

    I’ve noticed that for me personally, the more “realistic” art direction of say, your Age of Conan’s or your EQ2’s and so forth wear thin and “get old” much more quickly than a more stylized art direction of something along the lines of Guild Wars, LOTRO/DDO, possibly even WoW.

    As for D2, that looked like absolute garbage 8 years ago and I’d imagine would only look worse now on my 1680×1050 monitor. 640×480? WTF were they thinking?

  5. syncaine says:

    800×600 with the expansion Talyn, but I play at 1900×1200, so it would look beyond terrible.

    I agree overall on the ‘style over tech’ aspect, I was just making the general point that the gameplay video, while it did look nice, was not ‘omg amazing’ nice, and we are still at least a year or more away.

    I’ll have to check out BLL Swift. I love Corp’s with an active public channel, so hopefully I find something good with them. My main concern is just to find a group of helpful, active players. My last Corp died from a lack of anyone being on, which makes EVE very lonely.

  6. Rog says:

    @Talyn: I find Age of Conan to have a good amount of stylistic direction, far more than EQ 1 or 2, LOTRO which suffer from inconsistent art direction, but not as much as WoW which is very consistent. I’d call AoC gritty, but not realistic and I’d say their style emphasis comes across in animation rather than screenshots. The way a sword is held when walking, or a polearm is swung about… about as realistic as The Matrix.

    Even something like Crysis is more of a hyper-realism (and in comparison, I think Far Cry still looks nice with the super lush look).

    But I have grown tired of WoW’s style, maybe it’s almost too strong. I know, odd criticism, but taste is subjective. IE: I have friends that adore anime and other that loathe it.

    Diablo I always thought had better graphics than gameplay.

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